27 Weeks And Severe Headaches Anyone Else

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samr87 - February 5

For the past 24-48 hrs I have been having horrible headaches, to the point that when I sit down, stand up, etc. I get stricking pains and feel dizzy. I have been taking Tylenol every 3-4 hours but im getting no relief at all and the last two pills I just took are the limit for a 24 hr period. This is my second pregnancy I dont remember anything this bad with my first. Should I call my Doctor or has anyone had headaches this terrible???? Thanks for your help


joshuacrew - February 5

I would definitely call your doctor. I had terrible headaches with my 1st pregnancy. They lasted about a month and then went away completely. After he ruled out preeclampsia my Dr. had me do a ct scan and see a neurologist to rule out anything major. Everything turned out fine, but no one could tell me why I had the headaches. I couldn't even take any meds for them. It may be nothing, but it's better to know for sure.


samr87 - February 5

Thanks for your post!!! I haven't called my doctor yet, I want to see how the weekend goes and if im still having this headache im going to call them. I did see all the information about preeclampsia, which my previous 2 appointments there was protein in my urine (even though they have me drinking a gal. a day) but the last time I went I didn't have any so I just brushed it off. Plus I have low blood pressure not high so that was another reason I figured it wasn't preeclampsia. Again, thanks so much, sorry you had to have headaches for a month :(


runnershirl - February 7

I have a history of bad migraines, which continued horribly throughout the first trimester and 2nd. They are less regular now in the third, but what i learned for me was that when the migraine occurred, my bp skyrocketed, and due to my age, that was a concern for drs in preventing preeclampsia...My dr. authorized prescriptive use of Fioricet. I tried to gauge how fast and serious it was before taking either tylenol or Fioricet--if bad, I skipped tylenol since you can't take both...it's worth a try for you. Good luck! From one fellow sufferer to another, I'm with ya! (OH, ps..I had protein in one visit too, and they thought I may not have been drinking enough h20, which could also contribute to migraines).


TASHIWASHI - October 24

i suffered the same thing!! are you drinking tons of water. i found out that i was dehydrated. your urine should be almost close to clear during output. drink drink drink!!!


gaer - December 3

lots of water, eat bananas (potasium) and try taking a bit more calcium/magnesium. I had severe migraines until I took calcium/mag. daily. Then I had none. This is after you see your Dr of course, to rule out blood pressure issues. :)



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