27wks 3days Baby Head Down Feet Up Question

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whatisgoingon - September 28

Hi all! Just a few quick questions for you all. This is first pregnancy by the way. My little boy has been "head down" feet up since my Dr visit at week 24. I saw the Dr this week at 27 and his head is directly facing cervix/pelvis. Just wondering if a lot of babies turn head down and end up staying that way? He has been like this for 3-4wks now. Would I really feel it if he turned the other way, more so than just his kicks, if so what would it feel like? Being head down already wouldn't mean he may come earlier than the due date does it? Thank you :)


January - September 28

I'm in my 32wk and my daughter has been head down and now flipped back around since 22wks. I know this because I've had 7 u/s's and I'm scheduled for two more. Just because they are head down doesn't mean anything, doesn't mean they will come early. My baby has also dropped. My dr told me a couple of weeks ago that if she drops anymore she's gonna fall out lol. Again, doesn't mean the baby will come early.


josie4 - September 28

I'm 34 weeks and my baby has been head down since 25 weeks. S/he will still occasionally flip for a little while and will hiccup against my ribs (the hiccups are how I can tell s/he's flipped), but always ends up back in the head down position.


DDT - September 28

My son was also head down from 22wks on and never moved his position until he was born at 39w6d. If he did turn you would feel kicks in a different place. I always felt kicks on my right side as thats where his legs where with his bum under my left ribcage. No, being head down this early doesn't mean he will come before his due date. GL.


DaBonkElsMe - September 28

I am nearly 30weeks and my lo has been in that position since my 20 week u/s. AND I am carrying low so I can actually feel him bump my cervix sometimes. It is not a sign that he will come early, it's just uncomfortable!!



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