27wks Due Dec 26th First Timer Questions

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whatisgoingon - September 26

Hi all! Hope you are doing fantastically in your third trimester! I am 27wks & this is our first child - a little boy! I have some questions if anyone can answer that would be fantastic.. 1. After you give birth does it hurt/sting really bad when you urinate? If so, is there anything you can do to avoid or help it? Because I have read that the midwives like to make sure you go to the toilet within an hour after birth. 2. I read that you are meant to drink atleast 4 glasses of water within the first hour after you give birth. But I also read that if you overfill your bladder after birth that you can cause a haematoma bleed which can be fatal (yikes). Is there anything to worry about with the amount of water/fluid you drink after the birth? 3. I have never given birth before so am really in the dark about what to expect, despite reading as much as possible on the subject. I know that no one pregnancy is the same & that it won't be like the books say. Can anyone give me any info on what will happen or what to expect or tips at all? Thanks!! Will post other questions on here as they pop up. xo


DeeD - September 26

#1. No-it has never hurt to urinate for me in any of 6 births. #2. No one has ever told me to drink water after having a baby. Never heard of the heamatoma thing either. I drink what I want through labor and birth after birth etc. (You are hooked to an IV anyways...) #3. Basically, you go into the hospital in labor. They let you walk the halls as long as you have no pain meds. Once you get meds, they start an IV...I chose an epidural, go to sleep and wake up when it is time to push. But, I have no desire to be in pain. GL!


Buffi R. - September 26

I didn't have any pain with urination after the birth either, and never heard about how much or little water to drink afterwards. They encourage you to start eating & drinking a "good" amount to get your milk flowing, but I've never hearing of hematoma problems. If I had any pain at all, it's wasn't directly related to urinating, maybe more-so from wiping because I had st_tches. After awhile you might develop a dull pain down there from all the stretching, tearing, etc. but they should give you lots of Tylenols and pain relieving sprays which helped me a lot. Now going #2 several days later was a whole other matter, especially after I let myself get constipated....... :-(


angie m - September 26

Well it did hurt me to pee after I gave birth with all 3 of my previous babies. But only for the first couple of days and my midwife just gave me this little squirt bottle and told me to put warm water in it and kind squirt it down there as I am peeing so it kinda keeps the pee from hurting. And it worked very well. I was never told to drink a bunch of water after birth. I was thirsty so I drank what I wanted to but there was no set amount I was told to drink nor was I told to drink at all. As for the birth itself you are right it is always different, every women and every pregnancy. I have done it 3 times at home with no drugs and loved it. But I had very quick and uncomplicated labor and deliveries. The only advice I can think of is to get up and keep walking when you first start labor. That is what I did and I feel that it really helped my labor be speedy. Also expect that anything could happen. Don't get to set on how you want things to be. Like I wanted a water birth with my last delivery but when my midwife got to my house I was already 10cm. My water never broke with any of my labors so I had no clue I was that close to having my little one so there was no time to set up the pool. Anyways good luck and how exciting that you are now in the home stretch.


claire83 - September 26

ive had three babies on number four now, i tore with my first two so stung abit when i went to the toilet but i used to put abit of salt in my bath to try and heal, if its really sore to pee i advise pouring water over yourself when you pee, as for drinking after they never told me anything about how much etc i just drink what i need, seems the other women have given great advice too so i cannot add any more



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