28 Weeks 7months

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Jenn - December 20

I have all the books and know it’s a dumb question….but it just confuses me nevertheless haha. I’m not entering my 28th week. Can anyone clarify if I’m actually 7 months right now or am I past the 7 month mark a bit? Thanks!


Tamara - December 20

It's complicated to convert to months. Some use a 10 month scale and some 9 months. If you use the 9 month scale then you are starting your 7th month and if you are using the 10 month scale then you are 7 months. I use the 9 month just because so I am in my 7th month and am 29 weeks. It easier just to use weeks...hah! Hope this helps.


well..... - December 20

28 divided by 4 = 7


Jaime - December 20

I asked my doctor the same question>>I still don't undertand his answer.He said I am in my lunar 8th month.( Im 28 weeks)Some times I don't think the doctors know the answers..So when people ask how far along I just say"I have 3 months left".


anita - December 20

jaime, he said that b/c at 28wks you've just completed 7 lunar (or 28 day) months, and every day past that is a day in month #8. being in your 8th month means you have COMPLETED 7 months + you're so many days or wks into the next month. ex. 28wks 1 day = 1 day into 8th lunar month.


Maria - December 20

I am 28 week tomorrow and I think that makes me about 7months and a week. Hope that helps!


Crystal - December 20

In the book "What To Expect When You're Expecting"....28-31 weeks is your seventh month...so if you're 28 weeks, you are 6 months pregnant and entering your seventh month. The eighth month is 32-35 weeks, and your ninth month is 36-40. So when you hit 32 weeks you're actually seven months.....36 you're eight months...40 you're nine months. Hope that helps :)


Jaime - December 21

Anita- Thank you.I understand now.That made sense to me.


Angela in California - December 21

Not exactly. There are more than 28 days (4 weeks) in each month. It's really closer to 4 and a half weeks. So, 7 months is really more like 31 weeks. :)


anita - December 21

you're welcome jaime. :o)


Maria - December 22

This should help you>>> I just found out from some research that I just did! 0-4weeks=1month=1st trimester 5-8weeks=2months=1st trimester 9-12weeks=3months=1st trimester 13-16weeks=4months=2nd trimester 17-20weeks=5months=2nd trimester 21-24weeks=6months=2nd trimester 25-28weeks=7months=3rd trimester 29-32weeks=8months=3rd trimester 33-38weeks=9months=3rd trimester I am also entering my 28th week.


stacey - December 24

I am entering my 29th week, and fertility friend.com has had me in my 7th month since 27 weeks (and I think 1 day).


sandra-c - September 18

sounds confusing but the reason pregnancy is actually 40 weeks is because some months have different numbers of days. if each month had 28 days then it would be 9 months x 4 weeks(28 days) would only be 36 weeks pregnant. The other 4 weeks are made up of the months that have 30 and 31 days. So you gain 3 in Jan, 3 in Mar, 2 in Apr, 3 in may, 2 in june, 3 in july, 3 in aug, 2 in sep, 3 in oct, 2 in nov, and 3 dec = 29 days which counts as another month, i.e 10 months. I just count in weeks - its easier!! I am 28 weeks but I would say I was 7 months with 3 still to go


Lilu - September 18

Yeah I considered myself at 28 weeks starting my 7th month. I'm 29 weeks.


Emma2 - September 18

you cant use divide by 4 !! Most months dont even have 4 weeks in them!


NVgirl - September 18

ALSO, I am a little confused. But I thought how far along your are goes off of your EDD. So if my Due Date is December 7th, Then on September 7th I just turned 6 months and October 7th I will be 7 months. But, I just turned 28 weeks on September 16th and have the “What to Expect” book and it goes by a 10 month pregnancy and not a 9 month pregnancy like the OBGYN’s do. It states the 1st month you find out your are pregnant is month 1 even though you are only like 2 weeks pregnant. That is just toooooo confusing so I just tell everyone that I am 6 months pregnant and will be 7 on Oct 7th. Hope I didn’t confuse you!!


Celia - September 18

I understand the whole Lunar 10 months of pregnancy but try explaining it to someone who hasn't had a baby in 20 years or never and they'll look at you like you have 2 heads! If you are using the 10 month lunar scale you can divide by 4 and get it, but then you have to explain why your 7 months pregnant with 3 months to go since most months have a few days more than 4 weeks. I just use the month I conceived in (feb) as month 1 and October as month 9. So much easier for me!



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