28 Weeks And Not Hungry

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Dee - November 9

This is really silly, but i am only 28 weeks pregnant and I don't seem to be hungry. I If I eat anything I just feel ill because I have to force it down. I have gained 3 kg so far. Can somebody please tell me if this right or safe or if I should do somthing about it?


Michelle - November 9

I am in the same position as you. I am 27 weeks and I have not been feeling hungry so I have had to force myself to eat. I have only had this problem for about a week. I dont know if it is safe or what you should do about it....I am there with you! Good Luck!


mariel - November 14

I had this problem too. I am about 31 weeks and have gained my appet_te back a little. They say to keep healthy eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Even if i'm not hungry i eat because i know my baby most likely is. Hope this has given you some insight.


vanessa pace - November 16

i am 24 weeks and have the same problem i just try to eat things with calories and drink lots of milk,water and juice!!!


Lisa - November 16

I am 28 weeks pregnant and my hunger has started to fluctuate during the last few weeks. I am unable to eat any large quant_ty of food, so eating smaller meals is a very good idea, Also, try having your 'large' meal during the day and having smaller meals of a night. Generally, i will just have fruit or yoghurt if I'm not feeling very hungry, at least you are a__sured that you and the bub are still getting enough nutrition. If you drink coffee, that can suppress your appet_te. Try to drink 1 litre of water each day.


mary - December 3

im 34 weeks and i dont feel the intense hunger i usually feel where like an hour to 2 hours after eating im hungry again. But today i just dont really feel hungry at all.


belgian - January 2

I am 36 weeks now and this has happend to me throughout my pregnancy starting at about 20 something weeks too...now at this stage, my hunger has really decreased and I find myself eating small things like egg and cheese sandwiches and sweet things have become a craving at this point! thats it...after that I can go on for about a few hours i think...for this reason I think a lot of pregnant women stop gaining weight towards the end also..but i read its normal..so no worries as long as you ARE eating your recommended nutrients in small amounts daily..and drinking fluids.... and dont forget your vitamin!



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