28 Weeks Measuring Big

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wantanotheraftertr - September 26

I am just wondering how many have measured big at this point? I know my dates and everything has been dead on till now. Could this be a problem? Also at my 19 week u/s I had a cyst on my right ovary so I am scheduled for another now at 30 weeks. Anyone have this?


Rainbowbrite - September 26

I'm not being funny or trying to be sarcastic when i ask this because i am seriously asking.. but when you measure big... does that mean you're further along than think you are? does that mean you'll deliver sooner?


Pearl - September 26

I would ask them at the next ultrasound. I was measuring right on until shortly after my ultrasound at 21 weeks. They told me my u/s due date was Oct. 31st and my LMP due date was Nov. 4th. They are about the same, but now my baby is measuring about a week and half ahead of schedule which would mean that the u/s date is more accurate. It's possible that I was wrong on my LMP...but not likely. I am 34 w 4 d right now. When I was pregnant with my first child (now almost 7 years-girl) I knew the conception date based on the lack of s_x during that period of time. She started measuring 2 weeks ahead of schdule right around 30 weeks. My doctor asked me if I was sure about the dates...They wanted to change my due date, but I knew there was no other possibility. I told them they couldn't change it because it was impossible that I got pregnant at any other time. She was born on her due date...lol


wantanotheraftertr - September 26

I have always thought that it meant that you are further along but I know my dates exactly so I can not be further along I m/c the month before this baby was concieved and all my u/s have been right on. So thats why I'm asking if anyone else has had this happen!


Buffi R. - September 26

I'm 27 weeks today (happy 3rd trimester to me!!), and at my 26 week OB exam, I measured 30 weeks, or 30 cm. on the tape measure. Two weeks before that at 24 weeks, I measured 29. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Oct. 1 to double check the baby's size and level of amniotic fluid, and I'm hoping we'll find out the tape measurements were just off, which I've learned they can be. My due date is accurate too, and won't changed based on this. I was doing ovulation testing when I got pregnant, so we based it on that rather than my LMP which would have been way off because I'm so irregular with long cycles. I'm a Type 1 diabetic, and I know that if my blood sugars are high on average, it can make the baby fatten up too quickly, but my BS's have been really good, so I don't know what to make of this. After my U/S on the 1st, I can write back and let you know it goes. Rainbowbrite - some people do find out they're further along than they thought when they measure big, but usually this late in the game you have to measure really big before your due date will be changed because of how different baby's sizes are at the end. It's not as cut & dry as measuring big from an U/S in the first few weeks. But if everyone agrees your due date is accurate, then they look at why you're measuring big. You might deliver early if the baby outgrows the space, and c-sections are common for this too, or if they find another problem like too much amniotic fluid. Depending on the situation, you could be induced early for medical reasons or you might be at risk for preterm labor, or you could do just fine and still go full term - it all depends.


josie4 - September 26

I consistently measured ahead for weeks and now I'm actually measuring a little behind. Every woman and baby is different and it's totally normal to measure ahead or behind during your pregnancy (amniotic fluid level and fetal position have an influence on how you'll measure).


aliciavr6 - September 26

These belly measurements don't mean c___p. One appointment, I measured 6 weeks SMALL. And come 40 weeks, my baby came out 7lbs 10oz. :)


Kelly11 - September 26

Are these measurements by belly only??? Because I measured big from about 25 weeks on and so they did an u/s at 30 weeks and my baby was measuring big on u/s too. At 38 weeks they estimated him to be 9lbs 9oz and at 40weeks 2 days he came out 10lbs 1oz. But I know a lot of women who get big predictions based on belly measurements and they have been TOTALLY incorrect. I wouldn't put much weight behind it if that's all it is...is this your first?


musicbaby - September 26

I measured big around the same time for a few weeks but then caught up with myself around 33 weeks. I think that its normal to go through some growth spurts. They will keep an eye on it but its most probably nothing. :-) Not sure about the cyst sorry.


wantanotheraftertr - September 27

thanks for all your answers! I am sure they will let me know at u/s that everythings ok I have never had this problem before with other pregnancies. Am glad others have had this and it was nothing!


WORRIEDMOMOF3 - September 27

i too am measuring big actually 4 weeks ahead. at my 25 week appt i was measuring 29 and at my 28 week appt i was measuring 32w. i have to go every week from 30w on to have an u/s due to my seizure medication so hopefully all will be alright. they sent me right away for my 1hr glucose test and i failed that so now i have to go asap for the 3hr and they are a__suming that is why but tuesday the 2nd i will know if hes just bigger or if there is extra fluid, so imma pray for the bes


Tink - September 27

i don't think the measuring holds a ton of salt. your baby can go through growth spurts to make you 'measure ahead'. i have measured ahead this whole time by a week or 2 and we know my conception date for sure since we did IVF. i am 34 weeks and measuring 36. she just said he is probably just a big baby. they won't change your due date this late in the game. they will just prepare for either a bigger baby or possible slightly early delivery, but in most cases, it won't affect your delivery date. sometimes you might have more/extra fluid or a cyst or fibroid could cause you to measure bigger as well. even with u/s measurements- they can be off by a pound or more either direction. really i don't think the u/s or belly measurement amount to squat. you won't know til your LO arrives.


Buffi R. - October 1

I had my U/S today to double check the 4-weeks-ahead tape measurement I had two weeks ago, and the baby and amniotic fluid levels are both normal! I'm almost 28 weeks, and she was estimated at 2lb 7oz, which puts her in the 83rd percentile for normal. On the large side of normal, but still within the normal range. We did the tape measurement again and I measured 30 cm again, same as two weeks ago, so my measurements seem to be on track again.



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