28wk Should You Have A Baby Shower With 2nd Pregnancy

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Maria - December 23

I am 28wks pregnant and this will be my 2nd child? My first is 4yrs old now. I had the traditional baby shower with my son although I had it late because my son came early.I was just wondering...do you normally have a baby shower on your second child? I mean it has been 4yrs.I had a friend that did but only because the first and the second child had different fathers. With her third she just waiting for friends and family to bring gifts to the hospital.So anyhow... my question once again...should I have a baby shower 4yr later with my second child?


Ginny - December 23

I think that it's supposed to be bad etiquette to have one with a second child, but a 4 year difference probably changes things. Are there alot of things that you need? If someone wants to throw you one, I'd say go for it.


Heather - December 23

My first is three years old, so I was not expecting a shower this time even though we got rid of almost everything b/c we are in the military and move often. I found out that the girls here are throwing me a shower (we just moved out here in march). I didn't ask anyone to and one of the girls knows that I wasn't expecting one, but her and 2 other girls believe each baby deserves it's own shower. So they are throwing the "surprise" shower that I "accidently" found out about! DH was asked if a certain day would be okay & couldn't keep a secret - so I have to "act" surprised!!


April - December 23

Kinda what the other's said - I think you should only have one if people decide to put one together for you - but you should certainly not ask or hint for one.


Chris - December 23

I think it's fine to have another shower. This is my 3 rd and I'm having 2 showers. My youngest child is 15 so I'm completely starting over and have nothing for a baby. Besides people throw you a shower because they want to.


terri - December 24

i had a shower for my second one.. currently pregnant with the second but i have 7 years between children and wasnt going to have any more children and gave everything away from the first.. so when we decided this year to get pregnant we were starting out fresh and we had a shower thrown for us when i was 36 weeks pregnant.



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