29 Weeks Can T Breathe Can T Sleep Hiccup Issues

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angel_on_earth - March 6

Does anyone else have nasal issues? I am so stuffed up and its really making me miserable, I can't really sleep that well in the first place but now its getting worse. I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any suggestions? Also does anyone feel a lot of hiccups with your LO? Hers seem to be getting more frequent and I'm a little freaked out!!!!!


sarah21 - March 6

You can try breathe-right strips. They help a lot of people. Also you can take sudafed before you go to sleep. Make sure you get the good stuff that you have to talk to the pharmacist to get, not the stuff sold on the shelf because that doesn't do any good (for me anyway). As far as hiccups go, some babies get them more frequently than others. It's just a sign that your LO is practicing her breathing technique. Don't worry about them. :) I've only felt them 3 times with my little girl and I'm 37.4 weeks. :)


Astra - March 7

a humidifier helped me tons. Now I have it on every night. I also sleep raised up on a lot of pillows which helps with the congestion but also is more comfortable for me in general. Some women swear by saline (spray), although I personally feel like it made me more stuffed up, but you could give that a try too. My little guy hasn't had too much hiccups but I do know it's supposed to mean they are working out their lungs, so a good thing. Good luck.


lala7 - March 8

My LO gets hiccups all the time - a few times a day usually. I'm 38 weeks and it's been happening for awhile - probably since around 29 weeks too. They're normal. it just feels weird!


HeavenisMine - March 8

I used a humidifier when I was pregnant, and my doctor told me it was safe to take tylenol cold to help me sleep at night and control the congestion. Also my girl used to get hiccups all the time inside me like every five minutes sometimes. I swear. She also got them a ton after being born but now gets them less frequently.


angel_on_earth - March 8

i'm so happy the hiccups thing means something so positive! i went out today to target with dh and bought a humidifier, breathe right strips and some saline spray. so i figure a combination of the 3 should help me sleep soundly tonight...i hope! lol. thanks for all your great advice girls! :)


ChattyKathy - March 8

Pregnancy causes your mucus membranes to swell (for example, the inside of your nose). So, unless you're sick, its likely just due to pregnancy. I have had nasal issues since the first trimester. Medicine probably wont help. I'd recommend either the breathe right strips or just getting in the habbit of b__wing your nose before bed/when you wake up and hoping for the best. Hiccups are normal, too. My LO gets them pretty much every day. As far as sleeping? Good luck! Once I figure the secret out I'll let you know!


mjvdec01 - March 9

Saline nasal spray and a warm mist humidifier work wonders. I use the saline spray atleast twice a day, especially after getting out of a hot shower. I didn't do any of this with my first and I suffered horribly. Try it and see if it works for you.


Gla__schicky - March 11

I have to say for me saline spray did not work, I opted for just a regular nasal spray, just don't overuse it. After a few nights I cleared up pretty good and I have a humidifier too which helped alot with the dry air in my room. Hope you feel better!


cher_don - March 11

my baby hiccups loads, in fact is at it rite now. im 37 weeks and hes been hiccuping like this since bout 30 weeks :=)xxx


angel_on_earth - March 11

OMG the humidifier is heavenly! i honestly don't know why i waited so long to get one!!! i couldn't deal with the breathe right strips but the saline spray and humidifier are really helping me sleep a good few solid hours. thanks everyone!!!! :)



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