29 Weeks And Still No Weight Gain Anyone Else

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allie2005 - June 7

I am 29 weeks pregnant and when I went for my checkup yesterday, I had lost a pound in the past 2 weeks. I know that overweight women (which I am) shouldn't gain AS MUCH weight but isn't it BAD that I haven't gained any??? My doctor didn't seem too concerned but I read a number of articles saying that even obese women should gain about 12-15 lbs. pre-pregnancy I was 215, lost 10 lbs during first trimester, and now and stuck at 211, down 4 lbs overall. I am eating A LOT (cereals, salads, chicken, fruit, as well as some junk food like ice cream and cookies) so I'm not sure why I haven't put on any weight. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? I'm worried that my lack of weight gain will affect the baby. He was only in the 28th percentile for weight at my last ultrasound, but they think that is because I have a bicornuate uterus. Any thoughts?


allie2005 - June 7



lindsay - June 7

well, i know that i have put on a TON of weight, so i can't help you there, but did you actually address your doctor w/ this, or did s/he just not seem to have much concern about it?? cause i feel like i've gained way too much, but i don't say anything because i know i have and will have to deal will it after i deliver, but it seems like my baby is healthy, regardless, and my doctors say nothing, probably because i've never actually adressed any concern... but i know if i was that far along, i too would be concerned a bit if i hadn't gained anything, even if i was bigger to begin with. so i would definitely talk to your doctor about yours and the babies size, at least for piece of mind if your doc really isn't concerened ... sorry i'm not more help but i think any true concern that deals w/ health issues of you/baby should always be discussed w/ a professional, even though the ladies on here are a great support system! good luck!


EricaG - June 7

Hi Allie, I know how it is to worry about lack of weight gain affecting the baby. When I started out this pregnancy I was an average size, but due to bad morning sickness I lost 15 lbs in the first trimester. Then I found out I have gallstones and was put on a low fat diet (under 20 grams of fat a day). I am now 31 weeks and flucuate anywhere from 11 to 15 lbs below pre pregnancy weight. My doctor knows that because of the strict diet I cannot gain weight, so he keeps a very close eye on the growth of my uterus. He said as long as my uterus is growing well then we shouldn't have any worries. As long as you are eating well, you should be doing fine, the baby is getting what it needs. Of course talk to your doctor about it, but I'm sure they would say something if they were worried.



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