29 Weeks Need Advise

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ree - May 19

I am not sure what to think about the way Iam feeling so any input on what you ladies think would be appricated. For the last couple of days I have not been feeling to well. Loss of appitate (sp) headache and most of all really uncomfortable Braxton hicks. I am having a lot of them too. Yesterday I had like 6-7 in a hour. Today I have only had a few so far but last night I woke up with them and by back aching causing me to feel really "uncomfortable" not in pain just uncomfortable. I am a worry wart and dont want to call the doc unless I reallly need to. Is this common at this stage or something I should be concerned about. And another thing is even though I have not been eating much I keep gaining weight. Last month was 11 pounds and since last Monday the 9th I have gained 6 pounds I thought It was suppose to be like a pound a week or something. Sorry this is so long but I just have a lot of questions Thanks in advance for the input....Have a good day :)


Mimoza - May 19

hi, I am 28th week and feel some discomforts, not pains, too. Can you tell me how you feel BH? how you know you have them?!as far as you go to prenatal visits I woudn't be concerner re weight gain. I have become huge....


Fabienne - May 19

hi ree. I would call the doc if I were you - they're ok with it. There's a great chance she'd rea__sure you and that is worth it , believe me. I'm a worry wart too and at first didn't dare to call mine. But quickly I gave in and she always understood my concerns and was happy that I called. Also, regarding the weight, at your stage, I also gained as much as you do. I first felt so desperate about it but then chose not to worry about it. I tried to eat healthy food - with some extra ;-) but it seems to be a family thing for me. My mom and sis gained a LOT but they lost everything and pretty quickly after the birth. Good luck ree - almost there :)))


ree - May 19

Hi Mimoza, the bh (at least that what I a__sume they are) feels like a ball that gets really tight in the middle of my belly. That is the easiest way for me to explain it, it just feels really tight and when it does that my stomach feels really hard and makes me feel uncomfortable for about 30 seconds


susanna - May 19

I am almost 38 weeks and have had brax hicks since 20 weeks. Sometimes I have really strong contractions that make my pelvis ache, including back and b___t. I have had way more than 4 in an hour (I read that 4 you should call your doctor, if I called my doctor each time this happened, I would be calling him everyday a couple of times a day), so don't worry about that, but the weight gain and headaches could be a sign of pre-clampsia, so CALL your doctor.


Kristin to Ree - May 19

Ree, call that doctor!!!! More than 4 an hour is a sign of pre-mature labor. Drink plenty of water and call him, thats what they get paid for!


ree - May 19

Kristin, i did call my doc and go in at 1:30 today. I am sure everything is fine, but your right it could be a sign so I am going to go just in case.....thanks


Kristin to Ree - May 19

Ree, let me know how it goes!!!!


ree to kristin - May 20

Good morning, went in to the doc yesterday, actually doctors a__sistant my normal doc was not in. Anyway he was more concerned with my headaches and blood pressure (which was only up a bit) But I do see my doc Monday morning and will get his input then. In the meantime if I feel I need medical att. I will go to the hospital. I have decided to quit being embara__sed to ask question. Pre term labor runs in my family a lot so I won't take any chances I want my little boy to be as healthy as possible before coming out. I do feel quite a bit better today. So maybe it was just stress or not drinking enough water. How is your pregnancy going?? Boy or girl??


Kristin - May 20

Oh, that is wonderful to here, i thought after I hadnt seen you post for awhile that you had gone into labor, i was smacking myself in the head. My pregnancy is going well i guess, this is my first and we are expecting a little boy!!! We are so excited, had a few braxton hicks last week, but they have seemed to leave me. I go in next week for my 25 week check up!! Good Luck!


Katharine - May 20

I am 30 weeks and feel just "wierd". Feeling a little sick to my stomach and off. BH have started in the last week or so. Not as frequent as you guys are having them, but letting me know that a baby is actually going to make it's way out sometime in the future!


Bonnie - May 23

I delivered my first son at 32 weeks, and he had to spend 3 weeks in the NICU. I had been having contractions for awhile, and didn't even know it. Like you, I didn't want to be that person that goes to the hospital with gas pains or BH contractions. Finally I called my doctor, and she sent me to the hospital immediately. Thankfully, although my son was a preemie, he turned out alright. With my second child, I went to the hospital, the first time I had more than 4 contractions in an hour. By being extra cautious the second time, I was able to keep her in until 36 weeks. BH contactions are usually painless, and infrequent. But real contractions start out feeling a lot like menstraul cramps, and come several times in an hour. Don't take any chances.


monica - May 23

to Katherine I am also 30 weeks and feel sick to my stomach, tired and need to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. I feel like I have reversed to the first trimester.



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