2 B Or Not 2 B In Labor

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fallen_angel4155 - March 4

I lost my mucus plug i think in part this morning about 1am. sorry if tmi but it was yellowish in color no blood. look like my girl bit had a cold or something. lost a little more today but not as much at 1am. been having more BH then normalwith alot of lower back pain. my docter is supposed to induce me on the 13 (9 more days) is there a chance of me going into labor on my own before he induces me? I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. also does this mean i have dialated more. cause last week i was only dialated 1cm. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I lost my first girl when i was 7 month due to my 1st hubby beating on me and my second baby came at 8 months cause they thought i didn't have enough amniotic fluid. so this is the first normal pregnancy i have had and all these things are new to me. I never even had BH's with the first 2 pregnancies. or any of these pains or anything else.. plus it's been almost 8-9 years since i had my DD. The only thing i remember for sure is that i was in the hospital in pain cause my epi didn't work and the nurse told me i was imagining the pain. so if i am rambling, i am just a bit excited cause this is the most normal pregnancy i have had and i think labor might be around the corner cause of the whole mucus plug thing?


amybaby2 - March 4

HI! i dont really have an answer to your question...you may or may not go into labor before next week...but...i will also be induced next tuesday, so maybe we can talk!! I am in York Pa...where are you?


Jadejewels - March 4

Hey Just wanted to say that During my third pregnancy I lost my mucus plug at seven months. It can come out at any time and doesn't mean that labor with begin sometimes. It can be a sign but I would suggest calling your doctor if you're concerned or worried about it. Good luck :)


fallen_angel4155 - March 4

I am in cincinnati ohio. And to jade i tried calling today but there was no such luck at reaching him, i plan on calling in the morning


Tammy276 - March 5

you can lose your mucus plug weeks before you go into labor, it is not a good sign of impending labor at all.



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