2 Cm Dialated And Doctor An Feel The Head

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heather - May 10

ok heres my little story.. ok in hte beginning the doctor asked me when was your last period ( which i was on top of so i new).. and i said the 14th of the month and when he did an ultrsound just to check and said well you should be 8 weeks and the baby is measuring 5 weeks so your dates are wrong.. and i said no i know what my dates are .. ( so my new due date would be june 6th instead of may21st ) so i said ok your the doctor you must no more than me right.. so now last friday i went in to the doctors and as soon as he saw me he was like wow you look like your about to have a baby.. ( he stoped me in the hall ) and i told him i have bin feeling funny.. so he gave me the strep b test and was like im checking you.. so he checked me and said well your at a 2 and i can feel the babys head.. i was like ok than he said i think your going to have this baby alot sooner than we thought.. scarry ... so we went and did an ulrasound and the babys huge and his head is the size of a full term babys head.. so now i dont know what to think im kinda scared.. has anyone had a similar story and can share or just want to help to make me feel better about it.. one more thing i now see him weekly and get checked weekly.. i totally skipped the 2 weeks apptments.. anyone thanks


mayaB - May 10

My doctor felt my baby's head at 37 weeks. And I was 1 cm dilated. Today at 39 weeks I am still 1cm dialated and both he and the midwife felt his head. Due the 20th!! Hoping he comes soon.


heather - May 10

wow mayab thanks. well when i went in he said my new week was 37 weeks 2 days and now that would be 38 weeks. so i dont know.. thank you


luvmyboys - May 10

The bottom line is....they don't always know! You can be dilated for a long time and not go into labor, or it might happen soon. Hang in there, keep waiting and it will come when it's ready. And even ultrasounds can be wrong. I had one when I was overdue. They said my baby was 9 lbs but he was actually 10 lbs. It can go the other way too, your baby might not be huge, like they say.



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