2nd Pregnancy Delivery Easier Or No

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debbie80 - February 7

I am 32 weeks pregnant and at my 20 week ultrasound my DS was breach and now I had another one done and he is head down. With my first DD I pushed for 2.5 hours, torn and had some other not so fun stuff happen to me lol Do you think my second time around will be easier and less of a recovery since my body has gone through it already? My DD will be 20 months when DS is born..any suggestions would be great.


Fall - February 7

My second was way easier.... with my first son I was in labor for 13 1/2 hrs and pushed for about 45mins. And with my second I was in labor for a total of 1hr and 10 mins... I pushed two times!! I hope this time around is much easier for ya. :)


DDT - February 8

My labour, delivery & recovery with ds2 was SO much easier than with ds1. Ds2 was born when ds1 was 15 months old. With ds1 my labour lasted 17hrs with a 2.5hrs pushing stage. I had 2nd degree tears. With ds2 my labour was about 11hrs with a 13min pushing stage. I pushed 3 times. Easy as pie! And my recovery with ds1 lasted probably 1-2 weeks while with ds2 I was 100% fine about an hr after the delivery. I had one tiny external tear with ds2. Both my boys weighed practically the same...7.4lbs & 7.6lbs. Each labour felt and progressed differently. With ds1 it took me forever to dilate, while with ds2 I was already 4cm when admitted at the L&D ward. It took 4.5hrs to get to 10cm. Labour pain with ds1 was all in my lower belly while with ds2 in was in my back & bum. I was able to last longer with ds2 before getting the epi (I got it at 7cm). I was able to breathe and control myself more during each contraction peak. Good luck! and congrats on your new addition.


llmommy - February 8

For me, I wouldn't say the second was all that much easier. They seemed pretty similar. The early labor was about 9 hours longer with my first, but it wasn't the sort that was terribly uncomfortable. The actual "hard part" was about the same for each, I think. I tore more with my first, though my second was a pound and a quarter bigger. With my second, I had more false labor and lots of Braxton Hicks in the weeks leading up to her birth. She was three days late, whereas my first daughter was two weeks early. I think I prefer what I had with my first, where the contractions came on suddenly and steadily; rather than what I had with the second, where I never knew whether I was in labor or not, for weeks. I felt like perhaps my second was a *bit* harder to push out, but pushing for both was pretty short: something like 10 minutes.


austynsmommy - February 10

My first to where very easy. 5 hours with my first and 2 hours with my second. My third was the longest and hardest. 13 hours of hard labor. Congrats on your pregnancies. I just had my youngest on December 18th.


jodie - February 11

My two are 20 months apart to the day! My first labor lasted about 21 hours with 2 hrs of pushing (they finally vacuumed my little guy out) and I had tearing. My second labor was 8 hours with like 2 minutes of pushing...I basically laughed my daughter out. I wouldn't have tore the second time but the umbilical cord ripped off the placenta so they had to go in after it..lol. So for me the second time around was waaay easier! And I was alot calmer because I knew what to expect! As for recovery it was quicker too! You are almost to busy to even notice the "down there" recovery! Goood luck!



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