2nd Pregnancy Longer Than 1st Anyone Else Have This Happen

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sweetpea101506 - May 27

I'm due June 9th with my second baby and this is the longest I've been pregnant (my daughter was already born by this time in the pregnancy). I thought this one (a boy presumably) would be born by now because I've always heard that your second comes earlier. He's also a lot bigger (my daughter was 7lbs. 0 oz., and I look and feel like I'm having twins. I haven't gained any more weight in this pregnancy as opposed to my last one, but I don't fit into any of my maternity clothes (thank goodness my hubby is bigger than me!) and haven't for a while. Is it possible that it's twins? Also, has anyone had a longer secong pregnancy and how did you cope with the anxiousness? Also, what is the largest baby that you know to be born va___ally (I'm afraid of a really large baby)? Thanks for listening.


sashasmama - May 27

Did you not have an ultrasound? The dr. should already be able to tell whether you are carrying twins or not, especially this late in pregnancy. They also can tell the size (aproximate) of the baby from an ultrasound. I'm pregnant for the second time, 34 weeks, and feel like I'm in labor every day, lol. My first (daughter) was born on her due date.


sweetpea101506 - May 27

I also have the strange feeling that this labor will be worse. I had a really nice, short labor without drugs for my daughter and I don't think I'll be that lucky this time. Also, I was already 3 cm dilated and completely effaced by the time I had her, and I'm only 1 cm and barely effaced this time and that's hasn't changed in a couple weeks. Am I the only one who feels this way? I did have an ultrasound and there isn't twins, and they said he's around 9 lbs. already.


disko love - May 27

hey sweetpea don't feel bad. The feelings you are having are totally normal. With my first dd (6 lbs 12 oz) she came a week early, my second son (8 lbs 5 oz) he came a week late, my third son (6 lbs) he came two weeks early and I'm now 35.4 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and have been battling preterm labor since week 28. So I really don't think there is any set schedule on the way mother nature works! I wish I could make heads or tails of it all too. I gave birth to all of my babies without any pain meds, all natural. I'm hoping to do the same with this little guy too. I'm not really sure if there is a cutoff as to say when a baby is too large - I think it varies with each woman. But I do know that my mil gave birth to my dh v____ally all natural and he was 10 pounds. Best of luck to you!


fefer1 - May 28

well, a cousin of mine had nearly a 12 pound baby - v____ally. :) Don't know if she took drugs or not but she did have him! My first child was born a day before her due date but she was induced, this one...well, he's due on Monday so we'll see if he comes before or after. Good luck!


kendra.marie - May 28

sweetpea my brother was 11 lbs 15 oz (my mom had him v____ally)


sweetpea101506 - May 31

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Good luck with the preterm labor, disko, I know what it's like. I think the worst part isn't necessarily the waiting game, but more so the fact that people are calling me every single day to ask if the baby was born yet or not (apparently they think I won't call them when it happens). It's getting to the point where I want to change my message to something along the lines of "No, I didn't have my baby yet, I will call everyone when I do. Please leave a message if it does NOT pertain to the baby. Have a nice day." It sounds a little mean but I'm not even exaggerating when I say it's the same few people and they are calling at obsene hours. I hope I'll be lucky enough to be able to give birth this time with no drugs as well. My hubby was a 10 lb. 11 oz. baby, but he was born by c-section. I'd like to try naturally regardless if it's going to be a large baby, I'm just really scared about it. I honestly think I'm more scared about tearing or ripping then a c-section. Is that weird? To fefer and kendra- wow!!!! I couldn't imagine a 12 lb. baby v____ally but I'm sure people have done it (obviously, you both know people who did it). I also wanted to post an update-I went to the doctors yesterday and now I'm 70% effaced and about 3cm dilated so hopefully it's soon! Good luck to all of you!


fefer1 - May 31

well so far baby number 2 doesn't appear to be coming early! Monday is D day! glad you're progressing sweatpea - I've been at 3cm and 80% for almost a month now and the anticipation is killing me, as well as all the phone calls and emails asking "is he here yet??" Like I would have him and not call anyone. :) Anyways...I have about 34 hours to make it to my due date and then he's officially late!


Rachel H - June 1

Hey sweetpea, I just had baby #2 on Thursday (the 29th). I have a 2 year old daughter too, and this one was a boy. The second labor was definately a lot easier and quicker. I went 6 days over my due date with my first child... and still had to be induced with her. With this one, I only went 2 days over my due date when my water broke on it's own.



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