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Kathleen - October 29

Ladies, I have a question for all of you who have been through your second trimester already. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first child. I had my first ultrasound yesterday. The technician found all of the following: four chamber heart, bladder, kidneys, brain. However, she couldn't find the stomach. She said the baby must not have drank any fluid so the stomach wasn't full and not able to be seen. I couldn't tell if she was concerned or not. But she's having be in for another ultrasound in one week. Has this happened to any of you?????? Please!!!!


Rachel/ Seattle WA. - October 29

Hey Kathleen, I don't have an answer for you...but the reason I wanted to respond is that I see you are as far along as I am. This is also my first child. I am 32 and feel rather old for just starting a family. I am due March 29. When are you due and how old are you? I've had three ultra sounds already, and have another in two weeks. They haven't looked for any chambers yet with mine, but maybe they will with this next one.


Kathleen - October 29

Rachel, My due date is March 27!!! Actually the doctor said the 29th!!! I'm 29 and am just starting my family as well. Why do they have you in for so many ultrasounds???


Rachel - October 29

Kathleen, how funny my baby is measuring two days ahead of due date...but Dr. does not want to change it, she says I will be more disappointed if the baby is late verses early. I've had so many ultrasounds because of past complications medically. They wanted to make sure baby was progressing and staying with me. I had one at 7 wks then at 9 wks and at 12 wks. They have all been normal and it has been amazing to see the developement of our baby transforming. I'll go in on the 8th for another and am looking forward to seeing our baby. I am White and my hubby is Filipino so I am so anxious to see how this little one is and will turn out. We want to wait to find out the s_x of our baby. Did you find out?


lisa - October 29

yep, dont even bother thinking about your due date or counting towards it, im 7 days over due and gutted.


nicole yandell - October 29

This has not happened to me. I am 39 weeks with my third child. I had to go in for another ultra sound for a different reason. Everything was fine. I don't know about your issue but I would think if it was a real issue they would have had your second ultrs ound sooner than a week later. Plus, I would think if there was a stomach issue (no stomach) that you wouldn't have made it this far. I wouldn't worry I'm sure things will be fine. Good luck and enjoy your little one when it comes.


Lesley - October 29

When I was carrying my 2nd baby they couldn't see all her spine. I was booked in for another a couple of weeks later, where everything was fine. I wouldn't worry too much, if it was serious you would of been took in and kept monitored :-)


Dani - October 29

Kathleen-This hasnt happened to me, but my u/s tech explained to me that a full belly means that all is working well. My lil guy had a full belly & bladder he said that ment that the kidneys were functioning :) Im not sure the case w/you, im sure thats why you are getting another U/S is to check the stomache again.I havent had another U/S since my 19 wk one (when he checked for all the stuff) Make sure YOUR fluid intake is ALOT, so your baby can process it. I wish the best of luck, Hopefully he just hadnt eaten yet..hehe


bump - October 29



Mary - November 1

I haven't really heard of a baby not drinking the fluid...sorry


Brandy - November 1

Hi Kathleen, I do remember with my 20 week u/s that the tech did mention this. She said that many times the little one just has not ingested enough to see the stomach and they have to repeat the u/s. They saw our little guys stomach, but she when she was preparing us for what she looks for, she acted like this is a very common finding. However, they do have to repeat the u/s to make sure. Please let us know how it turns out, I know that you are scared. We will be thinking of you :)


Renee - November 14

I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first child, and had my 1st ultrasound today. They also couldn't see a stomach, and asked me to come back in 4 weeks. Have you been in for your next ultrasound yet - any luck?


Tiffany - November 15

What did your doc say? The teechnician can not tell you anything because they aren't doctors? Ask your doc.



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