30 Weeks And Gained 28pds How About You

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Skyla - January 2

At 30w and 1d I had gained 28 pounds and my stomach measured 30cm. What's the status for all you ladies?


erinsoul - January 2

I'm at 34w and 3 days now... at 33 vweeks I was up to 13 lbs and have no idea what my stomach measured at. Most people tell me I look very small for as far along as I am... but the doctor says I am right on "target". Although I'm not sure what the "target" is.


C - January 2

i'm 33 weeks and gained 32 lbs. not sure what my stomach measurement is. they say the normal total weight gain is between 25-35 lbs.


Emy - January 2

33 weeks and have gained about 32 lbs too. Last time I had my stomach measured, at 31 weeks, it was 32 cm. That surprised me because everyone tells me I look small. Go figure!


jb - January 2

I am 34 weeks. At my doctors appt last week I had gained a total of 28 pounds! :o)


hi - January 2

I'm 32 weeks and have gained 25 lbs. I don't know what I measure, but the doctor said it was good.


M.F - January 3

Im 37 weeks and gained 23 pounds so far my measurements are 37 docotor said it was ok ! and baby is due any day now......


courtney - January 3

omg girls. this is my first i am 40 wks. + 3 days. i have gained 55 pounds throughtout this whole thing. definelty dont know where it all went....!!!


Ashley N - January 3

I'm 32 weeks + 5 days and I've gained 20 lbs . . . . I have no idea how many cm!


trisha - January 3

35 weeks, have gained 24 pounds, measure 35 cm.


Maytson - January 3

I am 33 weeks, i have gained 19lbs and measure 30cm. ..i'm so ready for my baby girl to be born..


gg - January 3

I am 28 weeks (tomorrow) and have gained about 15 to 18 pounds. My doctor only wanted me to gain 15 to 20 as I am quite short and a little on the heavier side. The DR has measured my belly but I always forget to ask what the measurement is. I figure I must be on target if he hasn't anything.


Sarah - January 3

37 weeks tomorrow, gained 40lbs!! I was in good shape before I got pregnant so I PRAY it comes off quickly. Doc says I have a big baby (fundal height was 42 last week, although I know thats not reliable). They are doing an ultrasound on the 12th to make sure baby is not TOO big. Hoping I wont gain anymore!!


Jean - January 3

35 weeks, gained 28 lbs, measuring 35.


Marlene - January 3

I'm 28wks almost 29 and have gained 20pounds. I dont know my measurement I always forget to ask but everyone keeps telling me I'm all baby!!


Tanya - January 3

That sounds like me. I started at 120 and now I am 149. Nobody believes me when I tell them how much weight I have gained.


Monkeyluv - January 3

35 weeks only gained 8 lbs so far! Started out overweight though. I dont know what my stomach measurment is though.



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