30 Weeks And Baby Is Low Low Low

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Tootsie5c - March 10

Last week I noticed that my lo seems a LOT lower than she used to be. I know she's taking up more space and all, but I can actually see her move below my pubic hair line. Its really creeping me out to know that she's so close to the opening that she's going to come out of. I haven't felt any contractions and its not really painful except when she kicks my bladder. Should she be this low this early?


Sims1 - March 10

Hey Tootsie, i have the same thing. the baby is soooo low, and this past weekend, i swear i felt it go lower, because my bump kind of dropped...and i felt less pressure on my diaphragm than before. so i was kind of worried but then i thought maybe it's normal?!!!


Sims1 - March 10

oh my btw, i'm in my 30th week .


mahagen - March 10

My lo dropped like that when I was 27 weeks. It's normal. I usually carry low already and when I drop it gets very low and hard to cover up with my maternity shirts and pants, UGH. If you get too concerned about it, I would let your ob know the next appointment or call the office to talk to the nurse or doctor.


sarah21 - March 10

Yep same here. I've been carrying low for a long time. I'm over 38 weeks now and still pregnant and it is getting hard to cover the bottom of my belly with some of my maternity shirts. It'll be fine. :)


Sims1 - March 10

so i have a question, are you all felling like little fingers way below very close to where your leg meets your pelvic area...like on the sides, i feel like the baby is tickling me, because it's movement but not kicking. the kciking i swear is so wierd i feel in my a__s and crotch and i feel the baby moving and playing down there. most of the time. but sometimes, very rarely i'll feel the baby up top and again it's like little fingers tickling me.....


sarah21 - March 10

Yeah I know what you're talking about. It feels like she is tickling me. I have legs up high though and don't get any kicks since she's so big.


fefer1 - March 10

hey - I am 28 weeks and my ds is very low too. My dd was the same way - never got close to my ribs thank goodness! I feel the little fingers/toes moving around down low this time too and it kind of creeps me out. My dd wasn't like that - she was all elbows and knees and b___t. This time it's like I feel scratching and stuff all over my lower left and right pelvic area.


Tootsie5c - March 11

Oh my gosh I know exactly what you guys are talking about! The little fingers and toes make me feel really uncomfortable. I know I'm supposed to enjoy all her little movements but they really really don't feel...normal. And she like...sticks her hand right where my legs meet meet my pelvic area like sims said and i feel like shes going to stick her hand down my leg or something!


DDT - March 11

This is my 2nd pregnancy and I am also carrying very low this time around. I am 28wks along and it is already very uncomfortable to lean forward. I feel alot of pressure and heaviness low on my stomach. BTW I have also felt the "fingers" feeling. Very weird.


Emily1 - March 12

Oh god, me too. Mine´s really low (i´m 31 weeks) and the other day that ´fingers feeling` hurt so much right down low, that it actually brought tears to my eyes. It´s quite bothersome ; )



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