30 Weeks And Freaking Out

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Ba - September 20

Okay so I keep getting these thoughts in my head that something will go wrong in the next 10 weeks. Is anyone else freaking out? I know it will all turn out okay but Im so worried. I cant stop worrying and stressing


Mary - September 20

...and I keep having this thoughts that someone will come into my house at night and take the baby from my belly. I also get all stressed out. I think is the hormones. :)


noams - September 20

Hi, it is so normal to freak out, I wonder if my baby will be healthy. I worry every time that I don't feel her move enough. I also worry that she may come early. The great thing about being 30weeks pregnant is that your little baby has around an 90% chance of surviving if born and being healthy. And for every week after that the odds go up. At 27 weeks your baby is considered full term so not long to go. To much worry and stressing can in some cases bring on early labor. I found that reading books about pregnancy and childbirth have helped me reduce my fears, I can now understand what is normal and what is not. I know the signs of early labor and other problems, so if anything happens I have a good chance of getting to the doctor in time and being treated. Try to keep busy, it helps the days and weeks go faster, you will be full term before you know it. Take care xx


Tara - September 20

I get worried that i'll go into labor and not know it..like if i go to the bathroom and my water breaks while midstream..or that i'll go into labor while i'm sleeping even though i don't get much sleep and i'm up every hour..LOL...i think we all have a bit of fear,stress and worries..


KarenY - September 21

Yeah, me too start thinking about the pain during contraction & labour, I'm worried that I might not be able to stand the pain. Also worried about going through my confinement & taking care of my new born..... This is my 1st baby & I'm now 30 weeks also.


chel - September 21

Naoim- 27 weeks is not full term. 37 weeks is full term. I noticed that you posted that in another post also. As far as the baby being ok, don't worry. That's stressful on the baby. My first child was born at 31 weeks. She spent 3 weeks in the hospital because she was having a hard time learning to feed. She was only on oxygen for 3 or 4 days. Chance of survival at this stage, as someone else mentioned, is about 90%.


MK - September 21

Early on in my pregnancy I found out that there might of been a chance my unborn son could have down syndrome! After further testing..we found out that he did NOT, but that's all I do now is worry about him being healthy! I just want him out so I can hold him! It is the only way I will calm down:) Pregnancy dreams do not help much either! They are SO vivid!


Justine - September 21

I'm 33 weeks and I'm worrying a lot too - I know its not rationale but I keep thinking my baby will become very ill/die before its born. I've spent two days crying about it this week and have not felt hormonal before this point at all. I keep obsessively cleaning as I think everything will make my baby ill. Its made worse because my cat keeps bleeding a little from her paw and I'm sure the baby will get toxoplasmosis from her even though she's an indoor cat. I wish I could stop too. I'm better when I'm with other people but I'm beginining to drive myself crazy. So you're not alone but I don't know the solution, sorry.



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