30 Weeks And Kinda Worried

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AngelSummers - June 21

I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby....I have had a great pregnancy thus far. For the past week or so I have noticed that I dont feel my baby kick as much or as hard as she was, and it's starting to worry me because I've heard that her kicks should be getting stronger. Should I be consered?


CyndiG - June 21

Angel, I went through the exact same thing around the exact same time. I even went to the dr. and they put her on a monitor to make sure she was ok. As soon as they hooked her up, she started her own football game! Come to find out, when I went for my regular checkup the next week, she had had a growth spurt! She had grown so much that week! So don't worry. Everything is fine. As long as you feel her move throughout the day, you have nothing to worry about. Good luck and enjoy your small break from the baby ballet! :O}


redemptive_angel - June 21

I am 36 weeks and my little girl stopped kicking arou 28 weeks or so. What she does do is roll, wiggle, and sometimes she pushes a foot or hand out so you can see a lump in my belly. Your baby is just running out of room! Do make sure that there is some activity during the day or night (which ever one is your babys routine), and if your still worried... Call your doctor because they will be the only one you will find comfort in telling you that your baby is fine... just cramped!


Erynn21 - June 22

I have gotten freaked out a few times recently (I'm 29wks) because my little girl just doesn't do as much lately. Then all the sudden bam she is having a freak out, I definitely can tell she is running out of room because I used to feel kicks on my left side all the time, now they are much closer to my ribs and upper stomach. I went to the doc. on Mon she's fine, no problems she just getting her style cramped. I also got worried because one of my friends said his wife felt hiccups from their baby all the time, I haven't felt her have hiccups ever, I guess she just doesn't get them.


krc - June 22

I am 34 weeks, I can remember when I was somewhere around 25-29 weeks, my baby went thru phases where I felt hm only once a ay it seemed. It wold last for a week. I was worried too. But once I hit 30 weeks he started on a schedule for acting like bruce lee !!!!! I heard they go thru phases though where they just kinda ang out and sleep alot in the end of the 2nd trimester. Just wait....your baby will make itself known soon enough!!


livdea - June 22

actually, it's normal for kicks to get less intense. baby is running out of room in there...fast! I don't remember really feeling kicks at all, just movements! And they aren't as strong as some of her kicks. Though now at 37 weeks, some of her movements are crazy! I wouldn't be concerned, she's just growing bigger and bigger and running out of room!


skn331 - June 22

Erynn: I didnt start feeling hiccups until 32 weeks.... now he gets them 2 or 3 tiems a day.


hmp - June 22

Shes staring to get pretty crowded in there, so the amount of movement usually changes. My Dr always tells me to count 10 movements every 2 hours.


AngelSummers - June 22

Thanks for all the comments every one.....I feel a lot better now.



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