30 Weeks Breech Baby Head In My Ribs

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amleh - December 7

Anyone get to feel this lovely sensation. I feel like I constantly have a softball in my rib cage. It is very uncomfotable and hard to bend or slouch at all. This is my second baby. My first was a son, born last year, Dec. 3 at home.


lynn - December 8

I can completely empathize with you. I have had a huge head in my ribs for about 8 weeks now. I have a lot of rib pain, it feels like a wicked bruise and it is sometimes a burning pain. I really have to pay attention to how I sit at work. If I slouch it makes it worse.


Natalie - December 8

i have a head in my stomach and feet on my bladder most uncomfortable. although the doctor said i could try and get her to move if i go on all fours (like im scrubbing the floor but without the work) so it gives her more room to wriggle and maybe turn around!


Tara - December 8

I am also 30 weeks and the doctor said the head is at my ribs. I've had pain for 6 weeks or so in my ribs and the only way I feel comfortable is laying down or standing. I can't seem to find any comfort when working at my desk or driving. When do babies normally turn down?? I'm getting worried!


dwc - December 8

I am 30 weeks and had a sono yesterday, and the baby was head down already. The doc said we hope it stays that way, but it was still small enough to flip around and still end up head down later. Don't know if that helps any...


Kori - December 9

I'm 32 weeks today and its good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this crazy rib pain. I finally realized it was her head when I went in for an ultrsound last week. Laying down on the opposite side helps and when I sit I have to arch my back to take the pressure off. My doctor said that she has till 37 weeks to turn head down. If she doesn't by that point, I would have to choose between having the doctor perform external cephalic version or have a scheduled c section at 39 weeks. I'm trying to convince this baby she needs to turn because I don't like either of the other two options.


Sasha - December 9

I read from another thread that you can shine a light or play music in between your legs to help turn a breech baby. Or you can swim or take baths. My baby is breech and she has two more weeks to turn or I'll have to decide between a c-section or aversion. Neither one sound good.


Dana - December 10

I am 30 weeks and found out yesterday that he is sitting up the wrong way . with his big old head right below my ribs and his little feet tap dancing away on my bladder. The doc says not to worry he has lots of time to figure it out. But iknow what you mean by uncomfortable.


rl - December 11

well my little guy likes to kick me in the ribs....it does not really hurt bad or anything just really strange feeling



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