30 Wks Amp Worried Only Feel Baby Moving Very Low

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katie - January 24

I am 30wks. pregnant and I only feel my baby moving below my belly button.I read other womens posts about being kicked in the ribs,and I never get that.I am starting to really worry!!!! Has anyone else experienced the same???


bump - January 24



Katie - January 24

Im 29 wks but I'm in the same boat. I only feel her below my belly b___ton, occasionally I've felt her a few times right next to my belly b___ton but never above it. Hope this helps, let us know what you find out. I se the dr. on the 31st, I'll let u know what he says.


Rebecca - January 25

With my first child I didn't feel anything all pregnancy- absolutely nothing. I figured when I went for my check ups I could hear the heart beat so everything should be OK. No movement was normal. What I thought was that every baby is different. I am now 35 weeks pregnant with my second child and again I have had very little movement but it has been the same all pregnancy. I don't know this will ease your worry but I hope it helps.


ness - January 25

it could be the location of your placenta. at my ultrasound they said that from the location of my placenta I probably wouldn't feel much movement very high up. just a thought...as long as you can feel your baby move you probably have nothing to worry about!


Shawna - January 25

I'm 31 weeks, and it was just very recently that I began to feel any movement above my navel, and even then it is mostly generalized broad "pushes" instead of the "kicks" that most women describe. The skin on the left side above my navel has recently begun to jump and jive as she moves, but I wouldn't be able to feel it unless my hand is there. My baby is head down, with (I think) her torso low on the right side and her b___t tucked up high on my left side. I have a little sound amplifier heart listener thing, and I've gauged her position by using it. That is why I think her torso is on the right... it is where I get the heartbeat. And on the left, I hear a very regular long whoooooshing sound, which I think is the placenta. I think I feel less on that side because of the placenta blocking it. So, to sum up an o'erly long post, it could be that you (like me) have the placenta blocking the area where strong leg kicks would come from. I've only felt ANYTHING in my actual ribs perhaps a total of three times, and even then I wasn't quite sure. Yet most women talk about rib kicks all the time! We'll probably feel it in time. For now, I still lay with my hand high on my left side so that I can feel the movements she does make in that area. If I didn't do that, or didn't watch my belly, I probably wouldn't know she was moving there! Best wishes!


katie - January 25

Thank You for your responses!!! I do feel alot better knowing that there are others who feel the same thing as me.This website is the best, it's so nice to be able to communicate with women who are in the same boat...not just doctors.Katie please keep me updated as to what your dr. says....GOOD LUCK!!! I just kept reading other womens posts about how they can't fall asleep from their babies kicking,and getting kicked in the ribs......I never experienced either ,so I started to worry.Shawna and Katie-looks like we're due around the same time...Do either of you have names picked out?


Shawna - January 26

I'm glad this eased your mind a bit, Katie! I very much understood where you were coming from with this question. I also have read those posts about being kicked hard in the ribs and being kept awake, and it made me feel that I was sort of left behind in the baby movement department! I t's so rea__suring to hear from others who feel the same way. We do have a name picked out, since you asked. My husband's mother died suddenly seven years ago (from undiagnosed lymphomic cancer, at age 51), right before we started trying to conceive (yes, it took us seven years and three losses to get to this point). We're naming our baby girl after her, Gail, with my middle name, Renee. I'm due March 27, and after losing three pregnancies it seems utterly surreal that I am so close to delivering. Every baby movement I feel is precious to me, since it rea__sures me that all is well, so I always read every post about kicking and movement on this board. Have a pleasant day!


Amy - January 26

I only felt things low too....and the baby was transverse. I am still waiting for it to turn- I have never felt the kick in the ribs and I am 36 weeks.


Kel - January 26

I'm the same way. I have a doctor appoinrment on the 31 as well and was going to mention it then. The only movements I feel are really low. Sometimes when I am sleeping, I feel like she is kicking my leg cause they are so low! I sometimes feel movement on my left side, but they are either belly b___ton height or lower. Its hard to guess what position my little one is in. Not to scare you, but a friend told me that is where she felt her movements and her baby was breech. I'm 30 weeks also, so we have plently of time for our babies to move.


Karen - January 26

I was wondering the same things because I have had no movement above my belly b___ton and I am approaching 29 weeks. I feel movement only down low and when baby hiccups this is where I feel it - above my pubic bone. Today I met with my midwife and she did some palpating of my belly area and confirmed that baby is head down (baby has turned) but is not yet engaged - she knew this because she pressed down hard and felt baby move his/her head. She found the bum up above my belly b___ton to the left side. So the feelings I get down low on the right side are babies little fingers/hands and the few kicks I get to the left side parallel to my belly b___ton are baby's feet kicking backwards! I have sensed that baby had turned for about a week or so now - I don't know when he//she turned but I definitely started questioning the positioning with all the movement so low and then when I noted the hiccups were low and of course no kicks yet above the belly b___ton. She states there is a chance baby will turn again but this is a good sign that baby has turned - he/she had not "dropped" - that is engagement. Hope this helps.


Katie - January 26

I haven't seen the doc yet but crazy thing happened the day after I responded to you and has happened about 2x day since. I don't feel her in my ribs but I do feel her about two inches above the belly b___ton, mostly on the left side when she moves/kicks. I think I have the cure to get those higher kicks...fudgesicles :-) Atleast one a day...u may be laughing as it does sound funny but I sware twice now when I got done eating one, she kicked me above the belly b___ton. Ahhh and let me tell ya they are YUMMY! Were having a girl - Kennady Camilla, what about you what are you having and any names picked out? Keep me posted if you feel any kicks after eatin a fudgesicle!! Take Care


katie-Shawna - January 27

OH I'm sooo sorry to hear that you had three miscarriages.That must of been so hard.Obviously you are a very strong person,cause you didn't give up,and now your little angel is almost here! I had a miscarriage last year ,so I know what you mean by every movement being a blessing.I thought I would stop worrying after the first three months,but that never happend.....I have been worried my whole pregnancy.My old ob didn't help either,I changed drs.(she was very negative)After my 20wk. ultrasound she came in the room and said "we can't find your baby's stomach or fourth heart chamber,you have an amniotic band which could hurt the baby,we can't find one of her hands,and the left foot looks like it's a club foot"....then she put her arm around me and said"you know,there is always something with you".Well,I almost fainted!!!! I went to the hospital to get a level2 ultrasound and they found everything..heart,stomach ,hand...the only thing they agreed with is that the left foot looks like it is a club foot,which makes me sad but compared to what i was faceing, is not that serious.This pregnancy stuff is not easy,huh??? I changed my dr. because I was upset with how tactless she was when she told me,and cause I feel that drs. shouldn't tell you stuff like that unless they are 100% sure! Anyway,on a brighter note,I am due April 2 not to far away from your due date.I can't believe I am this far along either!!!!!


katie-Katie - January 27

LOL....that is so cute.I will definately try that!!! We aren't 100% sure about a name yet,but we have narrowed it down to Mia,Aleksia,or Anastasia.My husband and I are both from former Yugoslavia so we wanted to pick a name that is ethnic but still will sound normal in English.Kennady, that is such a cute name!


Bump - January 31

Bump i



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