30 Wks And Softening Cervix

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concerned in VA - November 8

How common is it to have your cervix start softening this early? I also have a bicornate uterus(heart shape)so I'm more likely to have premature labor. Doc put me on bed rest and I had a test done to see if I'm likely to go into labor in the nest 3 wks. No test results yet.


curious - November 8

hi there - i don't know how common it is, but i was wondering how your doctor could tell your cervix is softening? do you have alot of discharge? did they do an internal? good luck to you!


concerned in VA - November 8

A couple weeks ago I went to the doc and he examined me b/c my discharge had changed to a really runny clear substance like how it looks when you ovulate. I also have been having really frequent Braxton kicks contractions. At that time he said my cervix was still firm. then I went yesterday b/c he wanted to do that test to see if I could go into labor within the nest 3 wks and he did an internal exam again and found that I had begun softening. He just feels it with his fingers. The change happened within a week. My discharge is back to normal though, but contractions still come, not as bad since He put me on bed rest.


samantha - November 8

curious-they can tell your cervix is soft by doing an exam...The found that my cervix is soft by doing so... concerned in VA-i'm sorry you are on bedrest, i am as well...It is not too much fun!! They did that test on me, as well-mine was negative, so i have a little longer to wait! :) Are you having a boy or a girl?


Gina - November 9

What kind of test did you ladies have? My cervix has begun thinning also but this is my 5th baby. The doc checked me at my last appt two weeks ago when I was 31 weeks. I am going to today for an ultrasound. I am just curious what other test they would give.


concerned in VA - November 9

I'm having a girl, her names Olivia Taylor! The test is called something like fibronectin or something like that. All they do is take a swab kind of like a pap smear and send it off to a lab. The lab looks for a certain hormone your body produces atleast 2-3 weeks before delivery. He did it b/c I'm only 30 weeks and he wanted to know if he may have to do something to keep me from delivering this soon. I got my results back today and it was negative so I should be safe for a couple more weeks at least. He also took me off complete bed rest but told me to rest more than other activities like laundry an dcooking.



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