31w5d And Can Barely Walk

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blfox4 - November 22

Hello...hope everyone's Thanksgiving has been a good one! LAst night around 2am I started having some problems walking because of pain right between my leg and va___a. It has been like this ever since then and hurts like h__l. When I am sitting it hurts....but not too bad...but when I am walking it hurts so bad that I can barely breath....anyone familiar with this at all? I am going to call my doc tomorrow...but don't know what to expect?? I can't continue with school or work with this type of pain and I can take a lot of pain before I give up....help me anyone!! Thanks!!


emfine99 - November 23

Maybe it is where the baby is dropping? I have pains in my legs and stuff... but I'm 40 weeks and I just can't walk hardly at all. It's miserable! I would call the doc and see what they say! You can take a tylenol or osmething and see if that works!


falafal0 - November 23

Does it feel like you've pulled a muscle in your groin (but obviously much more worse)? My SPD started that way at 25 weeks. Not to mention sciatica. If that's what it is, sorry, but god help you because it's disabling. Nothing but giving birth alleviates it, it only gets worse as the pregnancy progresses and even after birth, it takes a while to subside. I've just given birth to my fifth child 11 days ago and only in in the past two days have I been able to walk without feeling half the amount of pain I did when pregnant. I couldn't get out of bed at 7 days PP at it's worst and rolled over in bed to fed him throughout the night from either side. Dangerous too when walking with bub and the pain kicks in, or moving after sitting and trying to get up. Please talk to your doctor about this, get some good pain relief and a hot pack works okay to take the edge off. You have to move carefully, look after yourself. I know about you having to discontinue school or work because it's horrific. Please try to find out exactly what it is and tke care of yourself. Having so recently been through it myself, I am SO sorry you have to experience something like this. It certainly takes some of the joy out of being pregnant. Let me know what happens...XO


Gemini_Girl - November 23

Hi, like fala said it could be SPD, sounds like it is your pelvic area, I have that too, and it is painful to walk, roll over in bed and standing up after sitting down, but maybe your baby has just dropped and the extra pressure is putting a strain on you, whatever it is, you should take it easy, pain isnt good! You should speak to your doctor or midwife and see what they suggest!


blfox4 - November 23

Thank-you so much for getting back with me on this.....I was so worried and it was the holiday so no doc to call. It got a lot worse last night...as I was leaving work a security officer from our building really thought I was going to pa__s out. I don't mind the pain...it is worth it all...but it is embarra__sing not being able to get around!! When I went to bed last night it still hurt and everytime I got up to use the bathroom it hurt...but then I got up this morning and it isn't so bad. So, I didn't call my doc...I know this sounds crazy...but I don't do medication...even tylenol...my mom pa__sed away from the stuff that is in tylenol...so I stay far away...especially now that I am preggo. My doc wants to kill me for it...because I have a small ulcer and won't take the medicine for it. If they were to tell me to take it or it would effect my baby...obviously I would take it...but I try to stay away if I can!! So, I guess I will just be really careful and see if it helps. It stopped hurting in the front...now it has moved to my lower back. I knew pregnancy would hurt...but I just want to be able to walk as long as I still have work and school :o) Does anyone know if this actually gets you out of work..in other words...would this be enough to get me out for maternity leave early?? Wink Wink...hope hope?? That would be great...as I stay stressed at work and really am ready to forget about it and enjoy this last part of my first prenancy!!


blfox4 - November 25

So, I called and had my doc paged today because it gets worse with each pa__sing day....she states that it could be ligament stretching. I thought about this...but would it be a constant pain and keep me from waling. Anyone experienced this before as a ligament pain? She did say that it didnt sound like the scatic nerve thing as pain wasn't shooting down my leg. She said if it doesn't get better by tomorrow...less than 24 hours...then I should come in to get looked at. She also said that it won't go away....how do you survive this type of pain for 8 more weeks? All I keep thinking is that I am doing this for our child and that I can bear through the pain for him/her!!


falafal0 - November 25

I'm glad you spoke to your doctor, but I seriously don't think it's ligament stretching. Could be wrong, I hope so, but I think it's SPD. I had to get live in help in the last couple of weeks from my niece, it was so bad. I would say yes, you could get out of work early, but I'm not sure. It's pregnancy related, so maybe. YOU HAVe to be really careful it in what you do, how you sit, move, stand and especailly in bed, so it doesn't get worse. Look up Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, espcaially in babyco website. Being careful now you've just started may mean making it a little easier further down the track. AFTER the birth it doesn't go away straight away. I'm 2 weeks PP and only now starting to be able to walk and move with less pain, but I had a couple of things going on with my body and was really messed up :-), not as bad as you will be hopefully, so you should be okay. Just be careful in how you move, don't put a lot of weight on either leg, keep your knees together when rolling over in bed to not use the groin muscles, pay attention now to how you use your back muscles as well. if lying on your side in bed, belive me if it gets worse, sit on the edge of the bed, put head on the pillow, use the edge of the bed to pull you bottom back a bit onto the bed while your legs are still hanging over, keeping your knees together pull your legs onto the bed by bringing your feet up. It sounds complicated but lessens the pain when moving and doens't use the muscles and joints too much. I could feel and other people would hear my pubic bones clicking and grinding when moving - that hormone relaxin was working overtime with me! Take care of your body, you've got 8 weeks to go. I can understand your concern about Tylenol and other pain relief. This is your first baby? You have no other children to care for? It gets worse ocne it starts, so take good care of yourself. XO


Malica - November 25

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is caused by ligaments stretching -- not the ones supporting your uterus (the round ligaments), but the ones right at the front of you that keeps your pubic bone aligned at the front. I had it too and since I had hip/ligament problems prior to pregnancy it really worried me that I wouldn't be able to survive until 40 weeks (my doc promised to induce me at 38 if I got that bad, but due other complications I was on bed rest at 36 weeks and induced at 37). See if you can find a ma__sage therapist or osteopath who is familiar with treating the condition. I saw one when I really got bad and within a day I was feeling much, much better. I had to keep going every few weeks because my right hip would keep locking up aggravating the problem. And falafal is right -- it doesn't clear up right after birth. I needed to go for two appointments pp, and I'm going to book a third appointment shortly (I'm 10 weeks pp, and I wait until it's bad enough that I'm no longer confident going up and down the stairs. Last thing I want is to fall while taking dd up and down the stairs). Hang in there!


falafal0 - November 25

Yeah malica, caring for baby gets a bit scary sometimes, like you said, when going up and down stairs. I've frozen while holding him in pain, and I was terrified that I'd fall down or on him. I had a chair next to the litle ba__sinett that I'd sit on before and after I picked him up and would stand and wait until I was confident that I could move okay. If I wasn't DH or older son had to do it on the bad days. Terrible. I coudn't even get out of bed one night because the pain was so bad when I even moved my foot, I just had to roll over left from right, even with the pain to feed DS in bed with me. How the hell do people put up with various types of pain for years and years? SIGH...an osteopath might help me like it helped you? I've tried physio and chiroprator so far but nothing that I'd trumpet about...


blfox4 - November 25

Thank-you again...I will bring this up to my doc. I looked it up and saw that there is like a clicking sound and I don't have that. Have you had them? Could I have this and not hear that noice? I am not hurting as bad today, but I am stil at work and it gets bad when I leave to go home for some reason? Thank-you to everyone that has posted.


falafal0 - November 25

Yes, you still can have SPD without being able to hear or feel the bone click. It's just when I think it's severe that this can happen. With my pregnancy last year, it started around 25 weeks and gradulayy got worse, but I never heard the clicks, jsut felt it slighty in the last couple of weeks or the pregnancy. WIth the last pregnancy, it started around 15 weeks and got very bad about 26 or 27 weeks, the same as at the end with the other pregnancy, so worse and earlier. I think it was only because I had the two babies so close in age, wih no chance to let my body heal that it was so bad this time around. Who knows what might have happened if I'd had a break inbetween. When I felt that first pang at 15 weeks, I though oh no, you've got to be joking! Not now! It's too soon!!! You can have mild cases or very bad, like in all things, which is why I emphasise maintenainance NOW for you to get through the next 8 weeks as easily as you can. i agree with you though, they are totally worth the months of what we go through, but I have five children now, and I am done! I will not risk another 4 or 5 months going through agony. THe more children you have, and then knowing what you have to go through, it's too difficult. We have 11, 8, 5, 15 month and 2 weeks old. My 15 month old could walk FASTER than I could at the end. It's dangerous, simply couldn't get him out of trouble quickly if needed, you know? As a mum I had to be able to take care of the children I had before I had anymore, though this last bub wasn't really planned, so I needed a lot of help this time around. :-/ GL XO ps, it'll usually always be better first thing in the morning because of the lack of movement during the night. Don't push through the pain, back off when it hits. And when you don't feel pain, make it last by not over doing things and be always keep knees together when turning while sitting down and espcailly when getting in and out of the car becaues it's low. Don't stand on one foot while getting dressed. Hold onto something to put your weight on, instead of putting the weight on the pelvis. Get out of the couch on two movements, push to the front of the couch first before getting up, same with chairs if they're deep, sit on something that you can get out of in one movement. I've got lots of things to say, but sorry for going on, just know what you're going through!


tynadu - November 26

blfox4 - I am having the same pains and it is very hard for me to walk and I am only 28weeks. This has been going on for about 3 or 4 weeks already. My Dr told me it was ligament pain as well and there is nothing I can do about it.


joeysmom - November 26

I have had this pain almost the whole time I've been pregnant. I am 31 weeks 5 days also and it has just gotten worse. I haven't asked my doctor about it b/c I didn't think she could do anything about it but after reading all these posts I realize it could be something so I am going to ask her at my appointment on thursday. I didn't have this with my first pregnancy and it definately hurts when I walk and especially if I do too much in one day. By the end of the day it hurts so bad I can barely roll over in bed. I think I have sciatica but not sure yet.



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