31week And Baby Is Not Very Active

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mini - October 6

hi, ladies i am in 31week preg and my baby is not very active like she was before.I went for the check up so my dr. told me she in breech position and i need go to the hospital for NST(non stress test) and there they also found that i had false labor sign. In the hospital everything went well but my concern is still there that she is not very active and i also feel tighting in belly..plz help me this is my first baby..What should i do, is it any red alert sign.....


Julie - October 6

Try not to worry. I'm sure they are just taking precautions. Just so you know my sister had a baby at 25 weeks and he just celebrated his 1st birthday so if this is an a sign that you are in early labor I'm sure your baby will be fine.


Dena - October 8

I am 36 weeks now- at 31 weeks I didn't "consistant" activity. I would feel her one day and not the next, or would only feel a few movements in a 24 hour period. I had a NST at 33 weeks and everything was fine. My baby moved at night at that time and most of the time I was asleep and didn't feel her - now she moves a lot all of the time! As for the tightening, those are most likely Braxton Hicks, or practice, contractions. I get 5 or 6 a day. I know how much you are worrying because I am doing the same thing! I think that is normal with the first baby! I wish you the best.


Lynn - October 8

My baby slowed down A LOT right around 31 weeks too. I got worried & all, but that must be a time when they have a growth spurt. I have Gestational Diabetes & my nutritionist told me that my sugar will be harder to keep controlled during the periods when the baby is having a growth psurt & sure enough, right around the time she got really quiet, my sugar got really high too! Now my sugar is back down and she is active again. I haven't had a NST yet, but at 34 weeks I start them weekly along with biophysical profiles too because of the geatational diabetes & I also have high blood pressure.


mini - October 8

thanks!! ladies. I am so worried about her she was moving a lot but in 31week she is not so active and when i went for NST everything was normal..Is it true that she will move again in next week then......


mini - October 8

i have a question for dena ... what did u do when u had those contraction...



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