32 Weeks Amp Losing Mucous Plug

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whatisgoingon - November 3

I am currently 32weeks & 4days & have noticed that over the last few weeks I have had a different discharge. It's clear-yellow stringy sticky/globby stuff occasionally. Today though I felt damp, so checked my underwear & found a weird little clump of light brown/yellow hard/stringy stuff! There was also a bit of stringy globby clear-yellow discharge also. I have noticed the last day or two that some times this stringy stuff has had a little speck or small streak of what appears to be old blood perhaps? It's coloured very pale red or brown, not easy to distinguish. I see my Dr at the hospital this tuesday & will ask what is going on.. but this is my first child and I am a little bit scared what could be going on. Is this all normal? It doesnt mean labor is close by does it? Everything has been normal and perfect so far in this pregnancy, I am healthy and fit and so has baby been to date. From the reading I have done a lot of women have said they started to loose or even completely lost their plug but didn't go into labor until 4 weeks later etc - Any information to help me feel a little bit more at ease would be greatly appreciated. :)


Erins Mom - November 3

Hi there. You can lose your mucus plug and have it regenerate itself without going into labor. The only thing that concerns me is the blood, as you generally don't have that if it's going to regenerate itself. If you're not having any contractions or leaking fluid it's a great sign and it could still be weeks until your lo is born. When you tell your doctor on Tuesday she'll probably check your cervex to see if your dialating and effacing at all and make her decision from there. If you do have any contractions or anything though, I would definately call L&D and go get checked out. Good luck! By the way, I've already lost mine twice this pregnancy and with my last I lost and rebuilt three. It never meant a thing for me. When I actually did go into labor, I never noticed losing one, so who the heck knows.


whatisgoingon - November 4

Im sure it is nothing then, thanks for rea__suring me. Will query with the Dr when I see him Tuesday, I had braxton hick contractions a few weeks ago but only for a couple days on & off. Since then I havent really had any - not like the painful ones I had experience anyway. The occasional tightening etc, nothing to even think twice about - never uncomfortable to a great deal & disappears in a few minutes. I really dont have any reason to go into labor early. I know the midwife said he is head down and quite low in my pelvis, so perhaps the extra pressure of his head is just causing my cervix to loosen the plug and release bits? I am not too worried, if it changes or becomes more frequent/obvious I will become a bit anxious over it all. :)


cayingo - November 4

I lost my mucos plug in a large, gross chunk and our DD was born 36 hours later. I had already been having identifiable contractions for a few hours b/f the plug dislodging. She was born with NO problems at 36eweeks. Good luck!


izechsmama - November 5

hey holly! wow... i would definately have your doctor check your cervix.. i lost my mucus plug when i was 28 weeks with my last pregnancy and thats what resulted in the dialating and preterm labor and bedrest... the works.. i also had been having contractions though too.. so if you arent having contractions that good.. but the blood thing worries me a little.. definately have them check you... everything should be okay.. but have them check you.. and keep me posted.. good luck girlie!


whatisgoingon - November 5

Well I see the Dr at the hospital today, will ask him about it. Havent had any of the yellow/clear stretchy stringy glob stuff since I posted LOL. Nor any old blood or anything remotely related to that. Last time I was at the hospital for a check up 2wks ago the midwife said they dont do cervix checks unless you are overdue or there is something obviously wrong going on etc. He will probably just say to me - "yeah discharge is normal in your third trimester & if there are no other symptoms like contractions, pain or bleeding I would not be too worried, as everything else is normal so far with you and the baby." I am not too worried really, but will see what he says. From the research I have done on the internet it pretty much states that activities like s_x can irritate the cervix & cause a little of the plug to dislodge - nothing major & it usually rebuilds itself unless you are having contractions and labour is evident etc. I will keep you posted.


whatisgoingon - November 5

Just got back, all is good. Didnt get checked but there is nothing to worry about. Only if it was to be occurring frequently or increasing or accompanied by contractions/cramps/bleeding - which it is not. Pretty normal for some women to have this discharge on the odd day during the home stretch - not necessarily the mucous plug as such but it can definately come away a little bit if disturbed by s_x or something. :) - I am not worried and the Dr said I can enjoy going away for my 5day holiday down the coast for my engagement/21st party with my family/friends. So that is a load off my mind. :) - I do wonder though if Braxton Hick Contractions are going to return any time soon though?! I havent had them since about 28wks, being 33wks now I thought they should be starting to pick up as I near closer to DDay? My mum said she didnt have any braxton hicks in all her 3 pregnancies though.



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