32 Weeks And Exhausted Anyone Else

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Louise - July 17

In the past few weeks I have become VERY tired and even more emotional than before. I can't sleep at night between peeing, heartburn and acid reflux and now I am constipated with a cold. That reminds me of Gilda Radner's, Rosana Rosana Dana... you sound like a real attractive girl, bit on Saturday night live. I guess I should try and laugh about it, but at the moment I'm feeling sad and worring a lot about the baby being okay. Anyone else who is usually a super positive person feeling like this?


Staci - July 17

lol! I feel for ya. I am abt. 30 weeks, and the acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, tiredness and stuff has returned, and on top of that I now have a hemmoroid. :) I now feel so big and unwieldy that s_x is difficuIt, I feel so bad for hubby while I just kinda sit there at a semi seated position to wait for the poor guy to do all the work cause I cant move. I cant get up from a seated position. I banged my head hard twice this week trying to get into the car. It seems I cant move my legs correctly to sit so low! I have also been more worried about the baby, and about delivery.. And more emotional. Carrying an extra 25 lbs is tough!! Though I am not normally a super positive person, I still had to reply.. IT will all be worth it in the end!! Hugs. I am with you.


Jbear - July 17

I feel the same. Every time I try to do anything, I start feeling a lot of pelvic pressure. If I go out in the heat I get braxton-hicks (and it's only a million degrees here in San Antonio). Sometimes my back hurts so much that I get out of bed and fall down. I just found out last week that this baby is a girl, so I have a lot of shopping to do, but I can barely drag myself through a store. The other day I was in walmart and I had to use their bathroom three times. I stopped working at 28 weeks because of my back pain and blood pressure, so now my husband's having to work two jobs. I can't even complain to him about how bad I feel, because he's stuck working 80 hours a week. I think maybe this yucky feeling has to do with being pregnant in the summer. I was never this miserable during my first pregnancy.


Cam - July 18

I'm with you. I'll be 32 weeks on Thurs and I think I am as tired as I was in the first trimester. HeartBURN and acid reflux are taking over my life cause I am scared to eat anything at this point because it hurts so bad. I was laying in bed last night and had to sit up really fast cause the food I ate was coming up quick--this is really sick but I had to swallow it. My back is hurting so bad and my left leg goes numb all the time. I not only feel huge but look huge. I started this whole thing at 130 and I am already 165 and still have 8 1/2 more weeks to go. I hope the weight gain atleast slows down the last couple of weeks. I wish I could stop working now but I have to make it to 2 weeks before my due date. I try to stay inside as much as possible due to the heat. Thank God we have air at work and at my house!!! I also have 2 weddings coming up before my due date and don't feel like going cause I am just miserable, but I will probably feel bad if I don't go. that felt good to vent a little. Good luck to all of you.


Louise - July 18

Thanks for the responses! Not to be happy at the expense of your misery, but it makes me feel better to hear others who are in the same boat. I have gained 36 pounds and still have 8 weeks to go! I too hope the weight gain slows down in the end. Not because I'm so worried about losing it, but it's just so hard to move around. My legs are so hairy, because I can't bend over to get shave them. Not to mention areas you can't even see anymore without a mirror. Now that's kind of funny, you have to admit. I wish everyone well as we hang in there and swallow our acid reflux at night:)


Aisha - July 18

Man am I happy to read your posts! Ive been killed by braxton hicks because of the heat. I feel like a fat cow. Im all in the stomach and everything looks crazy on me and I have about 9 weeks to go..I remember at the beginning thinking Im this weeks and that weeks and now Im like let this thing be over al ready!! I just wanna feel human again plus i have three kids who need me and im sure they are sick to death of seeing me laying like a beached whale all the time...i hope i go 2 weeks early like my others because i cant see myself going to the whole 40 and lets not talk about beyond!



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