32 Weeks And No Appetite

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redemptive_angel - May 27

I am 32 weeks and I seam to have lost all appet_te? Is this normal? I seam to have to force myself to eat and even then I can only eat a little and nothing sounds good. I get slightly nauseated after I eat... it seams to be getting worse the further along I get. I just hope the baby is getting enough nutrients, because I can't force myself to eat (I have to be hungry or it will come right beck up) so I only eat about twice a day...


starr - May 27

I did read somewhere that towards the end of pregnancy it is normal to have a loss of appet_te. I am now 37wks today and when I was around 32-34 wks I was the same way,although I did not get nasueated after eating,I just had no appet_te so I would make myself eat a small meal because of the baby.When I would go to my dr appt they would tell me that I had lost weight. The most I ever lost was 6 lbs in about a wk.They sell these supplement drinks for pregnant or lactating women that are kind of like milkshakes and come in different flavors. Maybe adding one of those may help get some of the nutrients that you need. Just a thought. You should also talk to your dr.to see what they suggest.Good Luck.


GraphxGirl - May 27

I am 33 weeks pregnant and have also lost my appet_te. I have to force myself to eat and I have had some nausea as well. I think it must be normal at this point in pregnancy.... at least I hope so.


3babies - May 27

I was thinking of starting this thread yesterday. I am 30 1/2 weeks and for the past week have felt this way. I am eating because it is time, but not because I am hungry. I have started reminding myself to have lunch around 2pm or so, whereas before I would be looking for something before it was even morning tea time! I think it is normal, and bubs will take from your body first so they wont miss out unless you are really starving yourself. I've only gained about 6kg so far, but I'm sure to have another growth spurt soon!


Deb - May 28

Yep, same thing happened to me. It probably has to do with your stressful job and you worrying about whether to leave early or not. I posted on your other thread about leaving early. I actually lost two pounds the week before I stopped work and now that I am done, I find I have more of an appet_te and have put back on a pound. When I talked to my doctor about the loss of weight, she said not to worry that the baby would take what it needs. I think part of the problem too is that all of your organs are being squished right now, including your stomach. There isn't as much room in your tummy. I find that I can't eat as much food as I used to because there is just no place for it to go!



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