32 Weeks On Bed Rest For Preterm Labor Anyone Else

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cyclemom - July 16

I went into preterm labor at 31 weeks and last time I was checked I was 60% effaced and almost 2 cm dialated. I'm on nifedipine to help slow the contractions, but I still get a lot. I've been on strict bedrest which is so tough because my 2.5 year old doesn't understand why I can't play with him at all. I am so scared of having this baby too early. I did have to two steroid shots to develop the baby's lungs, so I feel a little better about that. Just wondering who else was out there in a similar situation.


flroses1120 - July 16

Hi cyclemom. Well, I'm not in your situation at all, but just wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing your pre-term labor symptoms? Was it just contractions, etc. that you were feeling? I'm a first-time mom (31 weeks) and well, paranoid (i'm 36 with previous losses -- never made it out of 1st trimester until this time). Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to hear from somebody that is experiencing it. Also, did you have any odd symptoms that you think lead up to your preterm labor? I've been very "leaky" the past two weeks. My dr. seems to think it's normal, but i feel like it's very "liquidy" as opposed to discharge. Dr. thinks it's all the pressure (excruciating at times) on my bladder and that i'm leaking urine) and isn't worried about the pressure cause it completely goes away when I lay down or in the pool. I feel a little ridiculous in saying i'm so worried I wouldn't be able to tell what contractions feel like, but of course everyone says, "you'll know!!" Anyway, sorry to hop on your thread without being in your situation. I hope everything goes well for you and the bedrest, etc. help you keep your little one in as long as possible!!!


cyclemom - July 17

Hi flroses- Sorry to hear about your previous losses. I miscarried at 11 weeks a few months before I got pregnant with this baby and it did make me a lot more paranoid about everything. As far as my preterm labor symptoms - it's mainly contractions. I started getting a lot (6-12 per hour in the evenings) a few weeks ago, but my Dr. checked me and my cervix was closed. The next night I was up all night vomitting and the contractions got a ton worse. I went into labor and delivery and was dialated and in labor. The contractions I felt were not near as painful as true labor contractions (not even close), but the frequency and the fact that they are changing my cervix is what makes it preterm labor. True labor contractions you really can't mistake. My Dr. told me that if I get more than 6 contractions (tightening of the uterus) per hour to call him. As far as discharge goes, mine was pretty normal for pregnancy until preterm labor started. After that I felt like I leaked a little during each contraction. I went back in and they checked the PH level to see if it was amnionic fluid, but it wasn't. I told them i was prone to Bacterial Vaginosis during pregnancy so they checked me for that. Turns out I have both BV and yeast. BV can cause preterm labor. Wish my Dr. would have checked me sooner, but treatment for it doesn't change the risk for preterm labor. Anyway, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Don't worry about calling your Dr. if you are concerned about something. They are used to that. Hope everything goes well when you deliver!


flroses1120 - July 21

Thank you so much for answering -- it really was helpful to me. :-) I just am paranoid about everything, and I need to relax a little bit. I had a growth ultrasound today and my fluid level looked good, so they told me that my discharge is not fluid (and didn't have a cause for concern to test the PH)... but I did ask again. Anyway, I hope all is going well, and I hope that your bedrest is keeping those contractions at bay! Thanks again...


JMP - July 21

Hi cycle mom- I was on bed rest for about 9 weeks, I wasn't in preterm labor but I had a short cervix and they were very worried I'd go into preterm labor. Turns out that my cervix is just short naturally and nothing to worry about. BUT while I was on bed rest I found this great site with a lot of women on it who are on strict bed rest I think it'll help you. //ic.hobh.org/forums/search.php?searchid=147247


JMP - July 21

it's an ht tp address the darn site wont let me post the whole thing. but i felt a great deal of comfort with these ladies.


les706 - July 30

cyclemom ~ how are you doing on bedrest? I will be 27 weeks tomorrow and I was put on modified bedrest last week because of a shortening cervix. I was getting ultrasounds every other week from 15 weeks on, but at 17 weeks my cervix had shortened from 3.2 to 2.6cm so they changed it to weekly ultrasounds. My cervix was pretty much staying around 2.5cm up until my 26 week ultrasound, it shortened to 1.2 cm and I started funneling 1cm. So that's when I started bedrest. Had another ultrasound today and am now funneling almost 2cm and they tell me there is nothing they can do so I just have to basically wait until I guess I start labor? I don't know but it is really scary. And bedrest is really difficult, especially when you don't feel sick or in pain so it's hard to convince yourself to stay put. I hope you're doing well and are still safely on bedrest. Take care!


cyclemom - August 1

Hi les706! I started on modified bed rest as well, but even on the meds I was getting 11 contractions per hour, so after 2 days I was on strict bed rest. I'm now 35 weeks and it's been 3 1/2 weeks on bed rest. It's tough because my 2 1/2 year old asks me every morning if Mommy is sick or happy. He's too young to understand it all. A few days ago the contractions started getting really painful. It feels like the beginning of labor, but it's not b/c it's already lasted days. My dr. is taking me off my meds on Monday but he wants me to stay on bed rest another week after that (if I make it!) I haven't slept in days b/c the contractions wake me up all night long. It is so miserable, but I really don't want to go into labor for a few weeks. This totally came as a suprise and I feel like there are still so many things to do to get ready before the baby comes!! Is this your first pregnancy? Are you getting contractions? It's gotta be tough for you to be on bedrest so early in your pregnancy! It is scary knowing that labor can start anytime. Is a shortening cervix the same as effacement? Hope things are going well! What do you do to keep yourself busy on bedrest? I'm not much of a daytime tv watcher, plus I have people in and out all day helping with my son. I feel so lazy on the couch all day. With my son, I was teaching aerobics until I was 35 weeks! This is driving me crazy!


jess1996 - March 24

I am 32 weeks pregnant and was just released from the hospital yesterday i two had 2 steroid shots and am also taking nifedipine for the contractions. i was three centimeters and 50% faced. i am on strict bed rest at least 4 weeks. I never felt my contractions so i was very surprised to hear i was already dilated some however now that i am more aware of smaller signs that a contraction may be occurring i too have been feeling a few.


Montreal1982 - May 1

Hi Jess1996, I am 22 weeks pregnant and on strict bed since 5 days... and for the rest of my pregnancy! My cervix is really short and of course, there[s a risk of premature delivery... They have asked me if I felt any contractions and I said no but I don[t know what it should feel like...



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