32 Weeks Soooo Thirsty

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Ash - November 7

Has anyone else noticed that they are suddenly soooo thirsty. I'm drinking lots of fluids but I cant seem to quench my thirst. Of course with extra fluid intake I have to use the bathroom all the time! Anyone else feel like this. Should I talk to my doctor- I just went last week so I don't go back for another 2.5 weeks....


Rebecca - November 8

Hi Ash! I'm 32 weeks also and I am thirsty a lot too! I've heard that sucking on lollipops can help quench thirst, and of course that means we won't be peeing every 5 seconds!!!!


karlie - November 8

I am a little over 37 weeks now, and If you are like me, it wont go away, right around the 30 week mark or so I started inhailing water, which is good because the nurse doesnt get on me anymore at my appointments for my urine test! I find that water is the only thing (that wont make me broke) that works to keep me satisfied! I was drinking lots af gatorade, which is good for us, but that got expensive! (it did lessen the trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, cause my body had to wrk longer to process it than water) But I have conceded and It is water water water for me, I also drink a lot of milk. But as far as it being bad, Ideffinately do not think that. You should voice any concerns with your doc anyway, (he might suggest a gestational diabetes test) but I doubt he will be concerned. Also I know after the baby comes, if you are b___st feeding you will need to stay thirsty because you need to be very hydrated to keep up your milk supply. But yes, I totally understand about not being able to quench your thirst, I have to have a drink at all times, literally! Hope you guys are surviving!


melissa - November 8

So funny--I think I could finally beat anyone in drinking a can of pop! My husband hates when I ask for a sip, because my "sip" means half a can/cup. Tonight we went out for supper with friends, and I had 3 large chocolate milks, and when they brought the last one out, I was slurping it down, and when I finished everyone was looking at me in amazement--it probably hadn't even been a minute! Then I proceeded to finish my hubbys pop! No wonder I'm peeing all the time!


Ca__sie - November 9

I really try to stick to water these days since everything else does not quench my thirst and then I get all those extra calories if I drink juice or whatever. What I do when we go to a restaurant, is order water... but not by the cup.... I ask for an entire pitcher because otherwise I have to keep calling the waitress over for more refills.


Swtpea - November 9

*laughs* I thought ... before I took my gluco test that I surely had gestational Diabetes... since a sign of being diabetic is thurst... I get up all hours of the night to get a drink. I have to buy bottled water (our tap water is not good for us... they have to have someone come replace ALL the pipes and the water heater 'cause of something thats built up in them) So I keep bottled water by the bed, but i do drink a lot of milk, OJ, and Ice Tea with lemon. =o) I pa__sed my gluco test, so I know its just the pregnancy lol... I also find I get really HOT at night... that I wake up in sweats and my shirt will be soaked... so on top of keeping water by my bed, I have a fan ... and I will turn it on and sleep w/no covers at night, even though it gets pretty cold here now...lol.


Jen - November 9

I eat ice constantly- I crave it more than anything, and I swear, it is almost orgasmatic to eat it!!!!! Plus, it is calorie free and good for you, and if you get hot flashes a lot, it fixes that too!


Ginny - November 9

Ash, your question made me feel so normal! I could beat a grown man over a gla__s of water, and still not be satisfied! I also have the night sweats, and trips to the bathroom in the night. I just pull off my nightgown or whatever, and I even sleep without covers sometimes. Hubby wakes up happy, anyway :) If the thirst makes you worry, it probably wouldn't hurt to put in a call to the dr's office. But you are in good company.


ash - November 9

Thanks for all your responces girls! I was totally normal on my glucose tolerance test so I think that rules out gestational diabetes. I think I'll just bring it up at my next appointment. Ya'll have made me feel so much more normal. At work I feel like I spend most of my day waddling to and from the bathroom. The baby has already dropped so I have the added pressure on my bladder all the time. I wonder when he will come??? I bet we are all getting very excited!


kav - November 10

Hi Jen - I eat ice too. It is 10am here in the UK and I have already had 2 cupfuls! We must have to calm down our internal temperatures or something. Or - I don't know about you, I just love crunching it! Very weird eh? My husband thinks it's the best craving I could have as it doesn't cost him a penny!


Sida - November 23

hi Ash. Yah im a thirsty mother [email protected]##@!! Its like 3:30 in the morning and i feel like i'm gonna go nuts if i dont get water. I dont think it has anything to do with gestational diabetes either cuz i don't have that. Im gonna check with my doctor i have an appointment tomorrow. i'm at 35 weeks so i guess its a common thing this thirst!


kaitlin - November 24

I'm at 35 weeks and feel the same way - thirsty all the time. I also find water to be the only thing that quenches my thirst, other than pop, which is addictive (for me) so I try to avoid it. I know it isn't much longer now, but I'm getting so tired of new and annoying pregnancy issues, aren't all of you? Just want it to be over...


Annette - November 24

I am only 28 weeks but until last week when I had my glucose test I was pretty sure I had diabetes or something was wrong because I felt so thirsty. My throat feels dry as if I had rabbids. Sometimes I drink so much water that I just can´t take anymore; and of course the pee thing! I started sucking on ice chunks, that seems to help.


mom to be - November 24

OH MY if only i didnt drink sooo much i pee every 2 minutes it seems, I can go through 5 gallons of water in my own in just a week or under a week it is insane. my mouth is always dry, whether it is just a sip or a litre at at time it amazes me how much ic an sux back......:) i am 36 weeks and this started a few months ago.


Becky - November 25

I feel the same way, always thirsty but nothing really quenches my thirst. I also eat the FlavorAid popsicles like two at a time. They are so cold, they are SOO good!



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