32 Weeks Tomorrow Amp My Baby Is Breech

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babylove4 - November 28

I'm a litlle scared, Can anyone tell me if that's normal? I went in to see if my MD would see me yesterday for stomach pain, Luckily he was open for walk-ins. He did an US and seen that my LO is Breech and She's pushing everything up, So my intestines are all over the place & I guess my food isn't digesting properly and that's why I'm in pain...Makes sense huh? For some reason I feel I may end up having to have a c-section....I hope I'm wrong , But I want my LO to be fine.... Does anyone know if 32 weeks is too soon for her head to be down? Please Help!


margie - November 28

i wouldnt worry too much because its still possible for the baby to turn...my LO was transverse for the longest and then at my appointment yesterday the doctor said she is head down and at a -2 station so shes headed in the right direction and hopefully will be engaged soon! i am in my 36th week...when i was 32 she wasn't head down quite yet but she got there. i hope that the same happens for you!


BriannasMummy - November 28

Its not too soon but its not too late either. The average is around 28 weeks when the baby turns head down. That doesnt mean a lot though.. because there are a lot of babies out of the "average" realm of things. My dd turned head down at 28 weeks.. but only to turn transverse at 36 weeks. From week 36 to 39 she was breech, transverse, and head down.. she wouldnt stay positioned. My point is that they have lots of room to move in there.. and lots of time to get to where they need to be. ~Kristin~


DDT - November 28

My lo was head down at 26wks and stayed that way until labour at 39wks...BUT you have nothing to worry about. Your baby still has a long time to turn. Some babies turn in the last weeks approaching labour while others turn once you're IN labour. I would only start worrying about a possible C-Section if she hasn't turned head down by 38wks. Good luck and try not to fret over it.


babylove4 - November 28

Thank You all so much : )...your all very helpful..I can have a piece of mind now.....My 4 th pregnancy and all this is new to me...: )


LIN - November 28

I was convinced my baby wouldn't turn, because he was footling breech at every exam from 17 weeks to 32 weeks. My water broke at 35 weeks, and when I went to the hospital they did an u/s. He'd gone head down! I ended up having a c-section anyway for other reasons but definitely not due to his position. It's hard to believe it when people tell you that your baby will probably turn, but the likelihood is actually quite high that she will. Good luck!



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