32 Weeks W Low Amniotic Fluid

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Alyssam21 - April 24

Wondering if anyone has experienced this? I have been in the ER twice now with contractions. Once last week and now this week. I just got out this morning. After stopping the contractions they did an ultrasound. They were a bit concerned because my amniotic fluid was around 8 which is a little low. I have to go in on Thursday (it's monday today) to have another ultrasound to see if anything has changed. Anyone else had this type of experience? Thank you!


Heather W - April 25

Hi Alyssam21...I am going through the exact same thing...whenI was 31 1/2 weeks I had a leak because I was coughing so bad..At 33 weeks and 2 days I had an us that said that I only had 9cm of amniotic fluid left ( they don't get too worried...or worry you) until there is only 5cm. left...so I am booked for another one on FRI. to see if the level had gone down...right now TUE. I am 35 weeks today. I was and am still fairly worried, but I am just taking it completely easy....When I went in the 1st time I was having contractionsevery 15 min...but they stopped on there own. I was also given a steroid shot to help baby's lungs mature in case of an early delivery...so all should be well now...I have heard of many baby's born at 35 weeks and being fine...just lower weight. My dr said yesterday that he still felt a "GOOD" pocket of fluid down around baby's head..and that if the us lady finds anything a little worrying to call him Fri, and he would see me again.I know how scared you are though...mostly, NOT KNOWING...the best thing I've found..is that when baby is moving..take that as a sign that he/she is ok.Let me know how your next us goes.


Alyssam21 - April 25

Heather - Thank you so much for your response! I'm trying not to worry too much. My little boys kicks are definatly keeping me sane :) As soon as I find out what's going on I will post an update. Yeah I had to have shots the first time I went in to the ER and was sent home with medication. Then for some reason the medication stopped working and I was back in the ER with more contractions so I had to have a stronger dose of medications and was in the hosital for 2 nights. I'm now on bedrest :( at least till 35 weeks. How are things going with your PG now?


Heather W - April 25

tHINGS ARE NOT BAD...i STILL HAVE A WEIRD FEELING THAT i MIGHT GO PRETTY EARLY..bUT i THOUGHT THAT WITH MY 3RD ONE TOO DUE TO TONS OF CONTRACTIONS. But now I just rest when I need to..In a way I hope that my us on fri will show that I should deliver within a week...then I'll be 36 weeks..or even if I take it to 37 weeks...but I've been on rest since 31 1/2 weeks...I have 3 others at home...well 2 are in school...but I'm tired of all these little worries...I would much rather have my little one here and care for him on the outside...where I can control things, not my body.Know what I mean? Take care and let me know...and I will with you on Fri.Stay safe!


Heather W - April 27

Hi Allyssam21...not much to add, except good luck today, please let me know how it goes, if you can that is,,if I don't hear from you, I can probably guess that they kept you in , I mean sent you to the hospital for strict bedrest or something...I don't know about you , but that would suck for me, since I have three other kids at home! Well good luck!


Alyssam21 - April 27

Well, I'm back. My fluid level is still low and now on top of it all the cord is wrapped around his neck... I have to go back for an appt. at 4:30. I don't know what to expect. They just told me to come in. So I don't know...


miraclebaby - April 27

How did you know that you were leaking and it was not just discharge.


Alyssam21 - April 27

I don't believe I'm leaking. They haven't said anything about me leaking and I haven't felt it. So I don't know, sorry!


miraclebaby - April 27

Oh, How did they know that it was low in the first place?? Is it routine to check you for this or was something wrong? I don't believe that mine has been checked yet? Anyways I hope all is ok with you. I am sure it will be though. take care:) :)


Heather W - April 27

Wow. Alyssam21...So your fluid levevl is still at 8cm. I remember my daughter's cord being wrapped around her neck, but I'm not sure how long it was there for...Good Luck at the Doctor, please keep me posted, My thoughts and prayers are with you! Everything will work out !!


Alyssam21 - April 28

miraclebaby - they found out my fluid level was low because I was having regular frequent contractions and dilated. I was addmitted into the ER 2 times. So they did an ultrasound to check the health and size of baby and fluid to make sure there wasn't something wrong and my body was telling me the baby needed to come out. And through the ultrasound is when they found I had a low fluid level. Well I went to see the doctor again later yesterday. He did another ultrasound because he said some people tend to over exaggerate and he wanted to see things for himself. He came to the conclusion that yes my fluid was below normal and that the cord was over his neck. I will be monitered closely. More then likely I will be having weekly ultrasounds to check fluid levels. ALSO, baby is in a breeched position. He would usually not be to worried about it at this stage BUT being that my fluid level is low and there is not much room for him to move around, he is thinking possible C-Section..... BUT it's early and I'm hoping both fluid goes up and he changes his position! Thank you all for your support!


Heather W - April 29

Alyssam21...I am glad that everything is ok. Hang in there, and keep positive. I had my u/s today at 35 weeks 3days...and the amniotic fluid level is down to 6.2 cm. %cm is when they get really worried. So baby is head down, and my dr told me to do 2 one hour kick counts a day...and because I was having lots (15 ) contractions today by 3pm...he told me STRICT bedrest, or I will have to be kept in the hospital. I undersatnd that he wants to keep baby where he is supposed to be/grow, for as long as possible, but what I don't like, is that I have to wait until SOMETHING to be wrong in order to have the baby...I would much rather have my baby here on the outside where he can thrive,and I can control things. That's another thing...baby's stomach is still measuring small..2weeks...which means that the nutrients that are there, are going to the heart, brain, lungs...vital things , but the stomach isn't as in need of the nutrients. So as I am trying not to worry..I am. But I guess we'll just see...thanks for listening


Alyssam21 - April 29

Heather: I am so sorry to hear that! Man all doctors are totally different. My doctor told me he wants me to at least make it to 35 weeks and after that I can pretty much come off of the medication and bedrest. He says 35 weeks is pretty good. I have to do kick counts also and keep an eye on him too. All this worry!!! Well we have eachother to keep sane :) When is your next appt.? Mine is next Thursday.


Heather W - April 29

Hi Alyssam21-So I have been doing pretty much nothing ALL day ...my sister came for the weekend to help me out...and has cooked and cleaned and grocery shopped...awesome sis. And I'm still having contractions.I see my Dr. on Monday for my regular 1 week check up...and another ultrasound on Thursday. I have this odd feeling that I may not make it to next weekend. Basically I've decided to tell my dr that I DON'T want to wait until "something " is wrong with baby and not moving very much or noty at all...I want to be able to care for him on the outside...where I can control everything ...I feel so out of control about what is happening. AAnd baby is like 5lbs 2oz+...had steroid shots, so the lungs will be mature...what is the problem. I would prefer to avoid c sec if possible, but if I wait til something is wrong...well there is only one choice.Sorry venting again...Againthanks! I 'm glad to have someone to talk to going through the same thing..see ya for now...How many weeks are you right now...I will be 36 weeks onTUe...Due May 30th


miraclebaby - April 30

Alyssam and heather, I am sorry to hear what you guys are going through, I feel for you. The reason I asked is because one day I woke up and my underwear were pretty wet, More than discharge wet and I am a nervous wreck , I did not know what it was. I will tell the doctor tomorrow. Anyways good luck to the both of you. I don't understand that at 36 is considered full term, they should just take the baby what if something goes wrong and something happens to them. It does not make sense to me. Well Ill pray for you both take care and good luck


Alyssam21 - April 30

Heather - I agree with you. I really believe that if you were to have your little baby now at this stage that he/she would be just fine. Hopefully your doctor will take into consideration your thoughts and concerns. But then again, just be prepared because if they find no reason for you baby to come right now, they probably won't do anything :( Funny thing that you are having contractions because I was too just last night! They were 5 to 10 min apart but not painful just annoying. I decided it wasn't worth going in for. I knew if I were to have called my doctor she would have said come in so we can check you out. I just went to bed. I woke up this morning with some but more irregular so that's really good. I am almost 34 weeks. The last ultrasound I had baby weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz. and measured 4 days ahead of schedule. I'm due June 15th. miraclebaby - I would definatly mention that to your doctor. How has it been since that one time? Let us know what they say tomorrow!


Heather W - April 30

Alyssam21- I thought that you were on meds for stopping contractions...are you still, or did your dr take you off them. I had quite a few contractions yesterday, considering that I was resting all day...Are you on STRICT bedrest right now/meds and still having contractions? That is so odd! I'd say your little one is ready... I can't believe that your baby is so big...cause at 33w 3days..mine was around 3lbs13oz. I heard that they aren't 100% right but still...My MIL was saying yesterday about if the placenta starts calcifyingthat that can cause decreased am fluid...and less nutrients for baby. So I wonder if that is happening now. MIRACLE BABY-Do you stilll fell fluid coming out with no pressure( like when you have to pee bad)? Or was it just the once? I always felt it leak out when I was sitting cross legged and had a hard cough ( from when I was sick) And then fluid would come out. But when they tested...they came back neg for fluid...but I knew that I wasn't leaking in the positions that they tested me in.So I would tell you dr. How many weeks are you...if your fluid is fairly low...you will notice the baby's kicks getting SHARP...because there is a lot less padding.



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