32 Weeks W Low Amniotic Fluid

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Heather W - April 30

Alyssam21- I thought that you were on meds for stopping contractions...are you still, or did your dr take you off them. I had quite a few contractions yesterday, considering that I was resting all day...Are you on STRICT bedrest right now/meds and still having contractions? That is so odd! I'd say your little one is ready... I can't believe that your baby is so big...cause at 33w 3days..mine was around 3lbs13oz. I heard that they aren't 100% right but still...My MIL was saying yesterday about if the placenta starts calcifyingthat that can cause decreased am fluid...and less nutrients for baby. So I wonder if that is happening now. MIRACLE BABY-Do you stilll fell fluid coming out with no pressure( like when you have to pee bad)? Or was it just the once? I always felt it leak out when I was sitting cross legged and had a hard cough ( from when I was sick) And then fluid would come out. But when they tested...they came back neg for fluid...but I knew that I wasn't leaking in the positions that they tested me in.So I would tell you dr. How many weeks are you...if your fluid is fairly low...you will notice the baby's kicks getting SHARP...because there is a lot less padding.


Heather W - May 1

hi guys...I am getting alot of contractions this weekend...even being onbedrest...are you noticing that too allyam21? Baby is still moving well when he DOES move...but I notice it is less these days, from even a week ago...Is this your 1st pg?


Heather W - May 2

Hi there, I had my dr apt yesterday...and I am not dialated one bit...and ny nonstress test...was fine...so I don't under stand why I am on bedrest...why the fluid is low...is this a separation or calcification of the placenta?? My dr is not even worried...because my kick coumts are good...I am so frustrated!!


Alyssam21 - May 2

Heather - Sorry I haven't been on! I am not on strict bedrest but a moderate bedrest meaning they don't want me getting up unless I must (bathroom, shower, eating) I can sit up too. I am on meds. The first dose they gave me stopped working after a week (they say your body will eventually become immune to it) so I was back in the ER. They then sent me home with the same medication but twice the dose. I'm still having contractions though. Sometimes regular sometimes not. So my doctor prescribed me another medication to alternate with that one I'm already taking. I'm still having contractions! This morning at 4am they woke me up along with cramping that felt like my period was on it's way. So I had my husband get me my medication and after 2 hours they stopped. So I don't know how much longer this is going to work! Good thing though is my doc says that if I make it to 35 weeks I can pretty much come off of everything and let it happen. That all depends though if he changes postions and my fluid stays good. This is my first PG. My little boy moves tons! I don't like it sometimes because he pushes his head against my ribs and sometimes out so far it feels like he is going to pop out of my skin! Also it seems like his feet jab into my pelvis and cause a lot of uncomfortable pressure too. Sometimes he hurts me :) I can't wait till my appt.


Heather W - May 3

I guess that strict bedrest...was what you are aying moderate bedrest was...I can't imagine how you can rest much more. I can't believe that you are heving sooo many contractions...and that the meds are barely touching it. You sound like you are taking this all in stride...maybe because I feel like I sound so grouchy about it all. I feel like my dr isn't telling me something, because I am not dialated one bit, and still bedrest. I can't even figure out the PURPOSE of amniotic fluid. I know...about baby's kicks,etc. hurting soooo much...the ultrasound lady told me that it was because there is such little padding there. my baby is head down and its feet are slowly getting higher and higher...so It must be growing a little. So i go for another ultrasound onThursday, and then see my dr right after...It sounds to me like my dr won't"do" anything about getting baby to come to the outside even if the fluid is lower than 5 cm. if the kick counts and nonstress tests are still good. it makes me really frustrated,b ecause I don't know how far he WILL let this pg go. Any way I'll talk toyou some more tomorrow. Thanks for listening!


Alyssam21 - May 3

Heather - Yeah, I pretty much just deal with it :) I had a friend who was on strict bedrest and they didn't even want her to sit up. I can sit up and walk around if I need too, but otherwise they want me resting as much as possible. So I don't think it's strict bedrest. Also, as a patient who is concerned about the health and well being of your baby, you have every right to question your doctor and make sure the things he is requesting are legit. I would think that if the fluid is 5 or lower they would have no choice but to either induce or c-section. At least that is what I understand from what I hear and read. That is a very dangerous level for the fluid to be at. Let me know how tomorrow goes and I'll do the same! Oh and I am positive that the baby had "dropped." I can breathe and eat again! I don't feel so heavy either.


Heather W - May 3

Alyssam21 I think that I dropped alittle a few weeks ago...but I am not fully engaged, apparently. You have an appointment tomorrow too don't you? I feel bad questioning my dr because he is supposed to be one of the best in the area. Do you know the exact purpose of amniotic fluid...I am confused..and I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I think it is dangerous too, but no where can I find WHY it is. Do you know more?


Alyssam21 - May 4

Heather - Here is some info. that I found helpful about the whole thing :) http://www.marchofdimes.com/pnhec/188_1033.asp Oligohydramnios is what it's called. About half way down the page it talks about the purpose of the amniotic fluid. And about your doctor; the best doctor will hear out his patients concerns, worries and questiions. Make sure you ask him questions so you can better understand why he does what he does. Good luck at your appt. Mine is today too at 10:45!


Heather W - May 4

THanks Alyssam21..I will be home until about 2:00 pm...I live in Saskatchewan..so I think central standard time..so let me know how you appt goes..I will be thinking of you. Do you have an u/s today or just a dr appt? I will see how much fluid is there today and what he plans to do about it...I am trying not to think that far ahead of time...cause I'll probably jinx things...Thanks for the internet page...I've read a few..but none that give you the purpose. Talk toyou soon.


Alyssam21 - May 4

Well I had my appt.! It turned out really good. Fluid level looks great (still low but not real low). Also I have not dilated anymore. My doctor said I can also come off of my medication. She said that if I were to go into labor they would just let it happen. Since the contractions that I have been having haven't caused any change in my cervix she isn't too worried. She also modified my bedrest! I can now get up and move around. She also said I can take small trips like to go shopping (but recommended not a lot - maybe an hour or so) and to still take it real easy. I still can't go back to work (I was a liscense daycare provider). Which is fine with me because I still have lots of baby stuff to get ready! I did have an ultrasound too. We didn't get to see much because she was just looking at the fluid levels, but we did see him using is moter skills! His hand was opening and closing and rolling it around. It was so cute!!! Let me know how your appt. goes!


Alyssam21 - May 4

Oh also he is still breeched, but she is not to worried about it. Next week I can start doing excersizes to help him move and if by 36 weeks he still hasn't taken the head down position then she will try externally to move him. She said that about 3 out of 4 times that she has done it, the baby has moved. So it looks good :)


Heather W - May 4

Well I had my u/s today and the fluid level looked not bad...still low but not too low! And the bab'y legs have caught up to my due date and it's stomach is only 1 1/2 weeks behind the due date and the Resistive Index is at 75%...which means that the baby is getting more nutrients than last week from the umbil;ical cord, but it could still be better. But they were still happy with that. So my dr said that I don't have to be on strict bedrest anymore...but that I should still rest whenI need to..probably more than I think that I should. But I fell really good about the news... AANNDD your news is awesome too!! Just think in 4-6 weeks we will be like what were we so worried about...our babies are here and healthy! Oh ya and baby was about 6lbs 1 oz...so decent for being born..yeah! did they do any measurements on your baby? To make sure that it is coinciding with the due date? and growing at a steady good rate, too? How much did they think that yours weighed?


Alyssam21 - May 8

Hey Heather! Sorry it's been a while! I took advantage of the weekend and no bedrest :) It is so nice to have some freedom back! Anyways, I am so glad to hear the news!! Looks both our babys are doing great. So far everything is going awesome. Just finishing up babys room and getting last minute things ready. How are you doing??


Heather W - May 9

Hi There...All is well here, ya I know what you mean...trying to get everything done before baby since being laid up for so long... I am feeling longer contractions these days, but still nothing that does any good...still NO dialation! Oh well, a friend of mine seemsto think that this one will come on my 30th birthday...May 11th...hey I am all for that one...its not like I need to celebrate my birthday after 30 anyway...I might as well give the day to someone else..I glad to hear that you are feeling well too. I am ready...how about you...everything in order?


Alyssam21 - May 10

Most everything is in order. It's just a matter of putting it all away now and in order. I have still been having contractions also, mainly when I'm active though. A good friend of mine told me she was having the same type of contractions 2 to 3 weeks before she went into true labor... I'm really praying that it will happen soon. My contractions have also been accompanied with back pain and cramping. But I had these before and they caused no dilation and plus they said if it were to happen they are not going to stop it anymore. So now I'm just waiting too! My feet and hands have swelled up too. They hurt. Are you experiencing this at all?


Heather W - May 12

Hey girls...I had my 37 week check up yesterday...and all seems well...I think that this little sweetheart will end up going 2 weeks over, just because he scared me so early...Anyway soon ...I can't wait! Alyssam21..I am swelling a little, but not too bad...and it doesn't really hurt...knock on wood...but my bp has been lowthe whole time, so I think that I am safe. I have heard a few women say that their feet hurt alot...does drinking lots of water help?



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