32 Wks Weigh In

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HopeG - April 6

So, what has everyone gained at their 32 wk. appointment.? I go for mine next week and was just wondering what the average weight gain is. At my 28 wk. app. I had gained 16 lbs. I think I have put on about 4 or 5 more since then..


Ba8y6irl - April 6

At my 32 week I weighed in at 14lbs gained :)


HopeG - April 6

Thanks for your reply. I guess I should add that I'm 5'4 and my prepregnancy weight was 120!


yungmama - April 6

I am 34 weeks and at my 32 week appt I had gained a total of 38 lbs. already. I go to the dr. again today so we will see how much more I gained. Everyone is different so it is not a big deal. I was upset about how much weight I was gaining at first but now I realize it's for a good reason and I can worry about it afterward.


bean - April 6

I gained about a pound a week on average... so at 32 weeks I was probably about 32lbs. I was 5'5 and 120lbs to start. Anywhere between 25 and 40lbs for the entire pg is a healthy weight gain.


krista-lee - April 6

at 32 weeks, i weight 145 lbs. i was 129 before i got pregnant, which makes it a 16 lbs increase, its all baby though, i dont look like ive gained weight except for my huge belly!


ash2 - April 6

at 32 weeks i have gained 35 pounds.


Tess - April 7

When I went to my 32 wks appt. Ive gained 21 lbs so far. Im goin for my 34 wks appt. today so Im not sure how much I weigh now.


Tess - April 7

After 32 wks..you should gain a pound a wk.


Jenn2 - April 7

I am at the beginning of my 32nd week, and my weight as of yesterday was a 27pound gain. I started out a good size pre-pregnancy and am tall (5'10")


shannan - April 7

Hi ladies, I hit 32 wks last Sat. and at my Dr. appt Tues. I had gained a total of 33 lbs. I am not too worried about it. Does anyone else's feet hurt? Do you think its b/c of all the extra weight we are carrying?


Chrissy - April 7

24 lbs at 32 weeks


foxhoundsrgr8 - April 8

I started out at 5'6" and 112 lbs, and now at exactly 32 wks, I've put on 12 lbs so far..The most important thing is that the baby seems to be growing as he should be, so I'm not too concerned about weight issues..



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