33 Weeks

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Toni - May 11

I am thirty three weeks pregnant and exhausted. I also have a two year old. I am not sure how he is going to deal with the new baby. Anyone have advice?


Amanda - June 28

make sure that he gets enough attention. I have a very clingy nearly 2 year old right now and 33 wks and I know my son will be okay as long as he doesn't feel rejected.


Christina - June 29

I made sure that starting from day 1 that my 4 year old was very involved. He told all the grandparents about the baby, then we let HIM tell them when we found out she was a girl. He called aunts, uncles, grandparents on the phone to let them know. He helps pick out baby clothes and toys. He's gone to all of my appointments and got to see her on u/s. He talks to her (talks at my belly anyways) One thing I did (although I don't usually condone lying LOL ) usually when he talks to her, I will make my belly move and tell him it's her kicking cuz she hears him and can't wait to see him and go on and on and ON about how he'll be such a GREAT big brother. Try and let the 2 year old know that this is HIS baby too and that you'll need his help and BIG BROTHER it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chelsey - June 30

Another good idea is, when you are in the hospital, and the sibling comes in to see the baby, have a gift wrapped for them, from "the baby". You really dont want them to feel left out, especially when the baby is going to be getting lots of attention. Agift from the baby will make them feel pretty special. Also, when you're at home, and get visitors over to see the new little one, bring out a box of toys (that you have previously packed and put away, toys they "forgot" they had), so it gives them something to do. It'll be like getting a new gift all over again, without breaking your wallet, or being too spoiled. Last night I had my 3 year old helping me put baby clothes away, and hanging stuff on the walls. My daughter is very excited to be a big sister. She's even having a baby of her own... that she still has to "pee" out!


christina peridis - July 13

sibling rivarly is common. get your infant acquainted to the idea of a little sibling and once born bring them together so they bond and not see it as a fight for mommy's attention and love.


Elvira Hernandez - July 13

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm having a hard time walking, everytime I walk my pelvis hurts, why is this?



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