33 Weeks And 20 Thinned

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LoriAnn2994 - March 29

Hi moms, Anyone else around the same as me. I am 33 weeks 20% thinned out and at -3 station. I have been having Contractions on and off. Not sure what this means exactly in relationship to when I will deliver. My last one was born at 36 weeks.


Tess - March 29

Im almost 33 wks pg. My next appt wont be til next wk..Did your OB did an internal exam on you yet?


Daniella - March 30

Hey... I went into the labor and delivery last week because I lost my mucus plug and was having bad cramps. I was 33 weeks (34 weeks now) and the doctor did an exam and said I was 1 cm dilated and my cervix was real soft.. I think like 70% effaced (thinned).. he didn't say what station the baby was in. Anyhow, I know my exact date of conception so I am not further than I think. My question to you LoriAnn is, did he say if you were dilating at all yet? Have you lost your mucus plug yet? Anyhow, 20% effaced isn't too bad after you have already given birth before. The doctor said he is concerned how thinned I was last week at 33 weeks and never given birth before and my cervix was text book perfect and hard when I got pregnant. He said he thinks I'll deliver between 35-37 weeks. I have no idea. This is my first. Let me know what they say for you. Also, why did you bive birth at 36 weeks with your last? Did they say? Was it an incomplete/incompetent cervix? or what? _Tess- she would have had to of had an internal exam to be told what % she is effaced at and what station the baby is. :)


^lucy^ - March 30

my next OB appointment was supposed to be the next coming saturday but then my dr is going on vacation so it was postponed will the thursday after.. i'll be 34 weeks.. im so excited to know if anything is happening.. isn't it early that u had an internal lori? cz on another post they said not before 36 weeks usually.. maybe cz u had an early baby last time.. it wont be cool for me to have the baby before 37 weeks though since i'll be working until then.. after that im telling her ur most welcome baby :) good luck to all of u and me!!


Daniella - March 30

yea, once you have a baby born early then you usually get an exam done sooner. The only reason I had my exam done at 33 weeks is because I went in for possible preterm labor. Yes, usually you get your first at 36 weeks. :) Lucy, I totally know how you feel. I want him to stay in until 37 weeks... just not ready to have him sooner. lol


LoriAnn2994 - March 30

I have been having internals since about 23 weeks. I have a history of preterm labor. I go today for my visit. I will keep you posted if I am dilated. I think I was 1/2 CM last time. I have been 1/2 since 23 weeks when I started cramping. My first baby was born early.


Daniella - March 30

23 weeks if very early to get having internal exams. Wow!! Even if having a baby born early before.. but your last one was at 36 weeks... so, why did they start doing an internal on you at 23 weeks?? Thats crazy! Anyhow, good luck on your apt. and let us know what they say. When is your due date?? :)


Tess - March 30

Oic. My bad. Im not too familiar w/ that. :P In that case I havent had any internals yet....Thanks for clearing that up Daniella


Daniella - March 30

Tess- when is your due date and when is your next apt?? My next apt. is April 6th (next week)


LoriAnn2994 - March 31

I went to by regular OB appt yesterday. I was told I was 2 cm dialated. They sent me to be monitored at the hospital but I was sent home on limited activity and taken out of work. I am still having some contractions. I am getting very little rest. I have a 2 year old too.


Daniella - March 31

LoriAnn, I see you dilated a little more... how effaced are you now since your last apt.? and is baby in the same spot??


LoriAnn2994 - April 2

I am dilated to 2 and 50 percent thinned out. Baby is at -2 station. I was put on BedRest and Brething to stop contractions. I go back to see MD tomorrow for a Fetal Fibronectin Test. This will determine if I have to stay on the Brethine which has terrible side effects like uncontrollable shaking, itching and heart racing.


Tess - April 2

Daniella~ Im due May 19th and my next OB appt is this Friday the 7th. Last appt was 2 wks ago I was 32 wks. How about you?


Daniella - April 2

LoriAnn- why are they putting you on the meds that have horrible side effects if your 34 weeks?? I am 34 weeks and I am 1.5 cm dilated, 50% effaced and I think the baby is at -1 station. Will find out sure on Thursday where I am then. Thats my next apt. ANYHOW, I asked my doctor about meds or anything and she said she's not worried at all and if I got into labor now, they wont stop me. (I will be 35 weeks tomorrow)... So, I have no idea! They don't think I will make it full term, but probably wont have him in the next week. When is your due date?? and how much did your last bub weigh when born at 36 weeks? HOw was everything then? Tess- my due dates are May 9th and May 11th. I have no idea why they have 2 different ones in my chart. LOL... they said they have different wheels that are slightly different. SO, I guess we can just go in between and say his due date is May 10th. LOL... Either way, we are all due right around Mothers Day! WHoohoo!! This is my first.


LoriAnn2994 - April 2

My last baby born at 36 weeks was 7lbs 9oz, My OB wants me to wait till at least 35 weeks. I will be 34 weeks on Thurs. I go tomorrow for another internal and a FFN test.


Daniella - April 2

wow- thats a good size baby... 7lbs 9oz. are you sure you couldn't have been a bit further then they thought? Gosh, imagine if you had the babe full term. :) On this one.. you only a week to go before you hit 35 weeks.. you think your going to make a week??


Tess - April 2

Daniella- 2 due dates huh? hehehe is this your 1st baby? What are you feeling right now? ENjoying this pregnancy or you just cant wait til your baby is born? Im about in the middle..Im having a really tough time sleeping :'( And Oh I pretty much get up 2-3x in the middle of night just to go pee. Waaaaa



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