33 Weeks And Morning Sickness Nausea Has Returned Normal

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ARD - June 2

HI all....I am 33 weeks today and over the last week I have been VERY nausiated causing me to be very sick last Saturday and last night. I remember this feeling all too well since I experienced the first 4 months of pregnancy sick as a dog 3 or 4 times a day! I just want to know, is this normal, or what could be causing this. I even notice that sometimes the way my little one lays makes me nausiated. It may just be my nerves too because when i think about labor/delivery or how uncomfortable I am, it literally makes me vomit! Anyone else sick in the 3rd trimester?


Tjane - June 2

I was having this same problem a few weeks ago and it has eased up a little or I may have adjusted to it, I am not sure but my doctor said as you get further the baby and other parts of your body will put more pressure on your stomach and this can cause that morning sickness feeling.... Hope ya feel better soon...


Traci76 - June 2

I think I remember that happening with my first. It wasn't as bad as the first trimester, but I always had to lay down when I got home from work b/c I was feeling sick. My doctor had told me with the last pregnancy that in the 3rd trimester I can take any over the counter medicine for nausea/indigestion. Pepto has always been a big relief for me, so I started taking that. Some people hate Pepto though. And, I'd confirm with your doctor before taking anything, even something my doctor suggested. :)


yourtrish - June 2

Actually I was wondering the same thing. I'm only at 27 weeks, but my m/s suddenly came back out of on where. It's worst in the mornings, but seems to come back in the evenings as well. I figure it's from another change in hormones...can anyone confirm if there is a time in the third trimester to expect this? Or am I just one of the unlucky ones that might have this until the very end!!!


ARD - June 2

I have nausea all day, then in the evenings is when it seems to get worse and I feel like I could vomit at any time! Its like I'm hungry and nausiated at the same time....if my stomach gets remotely empty I feel sick, so I try to eat, then I end up sick. I can keep food down - like you said it is nothing like the 1st trimester, but I am just sooooo tired and nausiated that I just want to lay down too, but I know I need to put something on my stomach. I am a nervous wreck about labor and delivery too....I HATE throwing up (I mean who likes it??), but I KNOW I will once I go into labor. I am scared to death!!!


nikol - June 2

I'm at 35 weeks and I still have morning sickness. It went away for about a week a few weeks ago but it's back. The doctor gave me this stuff called Diclectin that seems to work well. I get REALLY SICK and I tried everything and this seems to be the only thing that works. It's really expensive though if you don't have some sort of drug plan. Before I got my coverage I paid $177 Canadian for it but I was so desperate to feel better that I paid it. I would ask your doctor about it.


moucheka - June 2

I am 30 weeks and have been sick in the mornings again for the last few weeks. I was very sick for the first 4.5 months. A couple of supplements I found made a world of difference are Zypan and Phosfood. I got both from People's pharmacy (I am in TX, USA). The Zypan is a tablet taken before eating, the Phosfood a liquid taken soon after eating. I find as long as I take the phosfood as soon as I have eaten breakfast, I'm okay. If I leave it 30mins to an hour after eating and I already feel sick then take it, it takes longer to work but does ease up.



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