33 Weeks Low Amnotic Fluid

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shann0125 - February 4

i am 33 weeks pregnant and went for an ultrasound today for a growth scan. everything was fine, except the amniotic fluid was on the "low side'. they said that a normal range is 9-21 and mine is a 9. so it's still within normal limits, but low. i was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and what the outcome was. they told me to drink lots of water and to take it easy, but i'm very nervous. we go for a follow up ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure it hasn't dropped.


TurtleLover - February 4

I’m in the same boat. Last week at 30 weeks I had a level two ultra sound because she is behind in growth. They said that my fluid is at 7, they like to see 10 but don’t get really worried unless it is 5 or less. They have had me start doing weekly bio profiles and non-stress tests to keep an eye on her. With my first DD my fluid was low too and she turned out just fine.


ROBYN - February 4

I am just 36 weeks yesterday i also had a biophysical on Sat at the hospital because i have mild pre-eclampsia so my OB wanted to check me we are having a c-section on the 18th. But my fluid was 8.1 the ranges they have for me is 7.7 - 24.9 so tomorrow i am going to hospital again for another biophysical they said if its at 5 then they are doing a section tomorrow. I was also told to drink tons of fluids but i am already on bedrest my baby is also weighing in at 7lbs already and is doing great so i am not worried about him he pa__sed the NST with flying colors also. I do know that amniotic fluid peaks at 34 weeks then starts to go down slowly


shann0125 - February 4

thanks, girls. i am not on bedrest and i'm still working full time, so that makes me a little nervous, as does the fact that i have to wait 2 weeks for another ultrasound. i wish it was one week. robyn, good luck with your appointment tomorrow! turtle, let us know what happens with your follow up visits. its so nervewracking, all of these things that can go wrong!


BriannasMummy - February 4

I also go for biophysical fetal profiles every week. They say that normal fluid levels are between 8 and 24. I know there was another girl that had low levels 2 weeks ago.. and she was sent right there and then to have her baby because her levels were just too low. The best way to help your baby get higher levels is to drink liquids like crazy. The more you drink the better outcome youll have. I wish you the best. Keep up on those fluids! ~Kristin~


ROBYN - February 6

Shann - i wanted to update you i went for my NST and biophysical yesterday and the fluid actually went up from 8.1 to 9.1 i have been consuming ma__s amounts of fluids as much as i can handle so its obviously working so i would advise you to drink as much as you can as my ob said the more i drink the more i pee and the more the baby swallows so its a continous thing. So i get another bio next week if you can keep us posted with your situation.


shann0125 - February 9

robyn, i'm so glad to hear that drinking lots of fluids worked! i've been doing the same, so hopefully we'll have the same result. my ultrasound is not until the 18th, so still have some time to wait! i'll let you guys know what happens!


ROBYN - February 9

Shann good luck i will be going in for my c-section on the 18th but when i come back from the hospital i will check up on you.



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