33 Wks And Maternity Clothes Not Fitting

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Frustrated from Oregon - February 20

Im just curious if there are others out there that there bellys are starting to pop out the bottom of the shirts and the pants just arent fitting like they use to. I feel like Im constantly pulling my shirts down and my pants up. Obviously my belly is growing but it's kindof irritating buying all these clothes "pre pregnancy" size and then all the sudden one day I wake up and there all too small. At this point I really dont want to buy anymore clothes but another 2-3 wks and I'll be going naked if my belly cont. to grow like it is! :-)


sparkles - February 20

I'm 31 weeks and having the same problem. I'm not extremely huge, but I am tall. Very few companies make maternity clothes for tall women. Most of my shirts, except for a few, have been riding up. And as comfortable as maternity pants are, they don't stay up with that elastic waistband very well at all. I'm constantly tugging my pants up around my belly. I now wear my oh so comfy! pajama sweat pants with my hubby's long sleeve t-shirts while at home.


Emmakirst - February 21

Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean, I am 33 wks too, and constantly pulling up pants and pulling down shirts. It's a pain in the A**. Anyway, hopefully we can suffer through the next weeks without purchasing more clothes.


June Bride - February 21

I am 29 weeks and had to get bigger clothes as well. Pre-pregnancy I was a size 4 and wearing small clothes - now I have to buy large shirts and bigger pants! I have only gained 24 lbs so far but I am all belly. I went to a Red, White and Blue Thrift Store and found some Motherhood shirts and sweaters one size larger and I didn't spend a fortune. Good luck!


val - February 21

I am 33 weeks also, and I am having the exact same problem. All my maternity shirts, from Old Navy and Motherhood both, and too short! Some of them I have actually had to stop wearing. My pants fall down, I am constantly hiking them up, and pulling the shirt down at the same time. I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more clothes since I don't have much longer left, but I can't walk around work with my belly hanging out and it was getting really bad, so I finally went back to Motherhood this past weekend and bought 2 shirts in size Large...it seems weird that just a few months ago I was mad that Motherhood didn't carry XS, and the Small in the style of shirts I just bought in Large looked like dresses on me! Now I am griping that they don't make them long enough in a size Large! And I am only 5'2"! I've only gained like 30 lbs, and I'm all belly.


Kel - February 21

Same here. I'm 34 weeks and my wardrobe has gone down completely. I can no longer wear my under the belly pants because my shirts just don't seem long enough. I hate it. The minute I get home I change my clothes. I don't want to buy any new ones so I am just trying to make do with what I have. I feel like I wear the same 5 outfits every week to work. Oh well, at least we know we are not alone.


kd - February 21

I probably spent $600 on maternity clothes for work and play...and I refuse to spend another dime. I'm 32 weeks and I can see them all not fitting at all in just a couple more weeks....hopefully by then I'll beout of work and able to lounge in my hubby's shirts!! I tell hubby, take a good look now, because you'll never see me show off my belly...consider it a cut off shirt!!


JennyC - February 21

yes, I wear the same 5 things to work every week. I'm 36 weeks and have had the belly sticking out for about a week. I can only wear my over-the-belly pants to work now, or my under-the-belly jeans and my husband's sweaters. Neither are flattering. At home, I'm in sweatpants or overalls. I'm just trying to make it through the next week and a half at work, then I'll live in sweatpants after I quit work!


val - February 21

I haven't been able to wear my under the belly jeans since I was about 16 wks or so, it hurts my belly to have anything that tight under it....all I can wear is over the belly....and they constantly fall down, they won't stay up over my belly any more, it's just too big. I split the seams on the side of the stretchy panels in my jeans. I'm measuring perfect, but nothing fits!


Tess - February 21

Im 28 wks and Im having the same problem. :( The pants that Im wearing often are the ones that I bought at Target they're stretchable and very soft....but the ones that I bought at Walmart (jeans) theyre not fitting at all. I just recently bought some new maternity shirt and stuff and they feel really comfortable. :)


Frustrated from Oregon - February 21

God bless you all!!!! I'm not happy that we all are having this problem but boy its nice to know it's not just me. I've gained 32 lbs, but the last few wks it seems like its all belly. I almost want to write a letter to JCPenneys, Motherhood and Old navy and let them know what a rip off :-) Ya know they know this happens....lol......maybe they don't but I doubt it. Im just going to cont. to wear them to work and hope people dont mind seeing a little belly!! Thanks girls, for all your feedback!!


jameshenry - October 1

As you are in 33 weeks and you do not want to buy maternity clothes. But how will you manage with out this. If your friends have collections you can collect from them or you can also get second hand online sites. This will also save much amount.



davidjones - November 6

It will not be possible for you to go without maternity pants. You can pass this time just for say one more week so. You have to buy it. Best option for you is to visit online maternity sites and there you will find used maternity pants in good condition. You must aware of their shipping charges. 


Carre712 - March 8

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