33wks No Discomfort Breathing Yet

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whatisgoingon - November 5

I am 33wks and havent had any discomfort breathing as of yet. Just wondering if this special little symptom doesnt occur until further on into this last trimester or if some women just never get this? My lo is head down quite low in the pelvis already and am wondering if this is the reason he is not right up under my rib cage or causing pressure at this point on my lungs? I do get kicks and pushes under my ribcage, but nothing tender or really uncomfortable. Also, at 33wks how much more growth can I expect to see in my stomach..does it continue to really pop and increase in size or does it pretty much stay at this size now? This is my first and I have not much idea what to expect. I filled "all out front" quite early and especially during the 2nd trimester (was measuring large & ahead for a few weeks there), but now at 33wks I seem to have "stalled" almost, or perhaps it just isnt as noticable to me anymore..I am back to measuring spot on target also. I am still showing all out in front, have been told that from behind you can barely tell I am pregnant. I dont have any stretch marks on my stomach yet, but keep expecting that perhaps they will only start to show towards the end?


Brendansmom - November 6

My little guy just dropped last week and I can breathe much easier now. Consider yourself lucky!! And And that goes for the stretch marks too, this is my second pregnancy and I have never gotten one stretch mark. I guess we're the lucky ones.


tish212 - November 6

lucky doesn't cover what u r with no stretchmarks...if u want some I've got plenty to share....mine popped up outta nowhere at like 27 weeks.... I too am only shwoing in my stomach....but its big...no one believes that I'm not due next week...lol...I hope it doesn't get bigger from here....I have had the breathing problem though...maybe u have a longer torso? maybe ur baby has more room? today though I think my lo really moved down...my pelvis achesso bad..and its feels all the muscles in my low abdomin are pulled.... and my lower back hurts soooooo much....I envy both of u with no stretchmarks :) but if u ever feel the want for one...or 50...I am more than willing to give ya some lol..... I think ur doing fine whatsgoinon.... but I'm glad u posted this I was super curious about does ur stomach get bigger from here? bless u all ladies...and ur lo's :)


cfuller - November 6

I am only 29 weeks and at my appointment last week they did another u/s and my little girl is already head down but she is measuring big so there isn't a lot of room for her LOL, she's 3 pounds already and I can seriously feel every little movement! I am a pet_te person to begin with and I also am carrying straight out in front and from behind you can't tell i'm pregnant either. I also have zero stretch marks :-) At my birthing cla__s last weekend I was the only one due in January, everyone else was due before me and I was bigger than every one of those women! I'm afraid I'm going to continue to get bigger too since my lo isn't done growing. I have a feeling she will be a big baby. DH was almost 11 pounds when he was born and he was only a week late, I was 7lbs 7oz and I was 3 weeks early so it's looking pretty good that she will be big when she is born! Oh, unfortunately I do have difficulty breathing sometimes when she shifts and sticks herself in my rib cage, that doesn't happen a lot but it's very uncomfortable when it does happen! You are lucky you don't have a problem with breathing


star_eyes - November 6

I'm glad you posted this...I have been wondering the same thing about myself. I'll be 32 weeks in 2 days. So far, no stretch marks, no difficulty breathing and I'm not totally huge yet either. I have no idea how much my baby weighs since I haven't had a US since 18 weeks along. I feel like I'm pretty small but the doc says I'm normal. It's hard to know because everyone else just loves to give their opinion on how you're so small or so big, etc. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.


tish212 - November 6

my doctor is a big fan of being smaller during pregnancy....they always told me at the beginning they were impressed with how small I was...u/s showed baby was on par for age.. my stomach is huge now..but I've now only gained 10lbs which makes my dr super happy....they say the less u gain the better it is for u and baby (as long as baby measures good.) so ignore all those people with their opinion that ur too small...I get just the opposite...thy say from how big my stomach is I must be due any day...and I'm not. I will say it again if any of u ladies want somestretch marks I am willing to share.... not only do they look bad..they hurt like sensative skin and occasionally they itch....grrrr..... I do want to know cuz I've heard it but do u really like b__w up big in the stomach on the last few weeks? I really don't want to get ne bigger


whatisgoingon - November 6

Guess we all just have to wait & see how big our bellies decide to grow hey!? :) he he. I had a Dr visit yesterday and was measuring exactly spot on for how far along I am - 33wks. My belly doesnt feel that huge, but everyone I see says it has grown heaps & it is quite big LOL - I have lots of blue veins on either side of my stomach, but so far no stretch marks - here is hoping they dont decide to show up! ps - have any of you girls been nesting/cleaning a lot lately? I am NOT a cleaning person - not very good at it and dont tend to do proper full cleans all the time, my lovely df is great at it though (lucky me! lol). But lately I have been nesting hardcore, cleaning - vacuumed this morning and scrubbed down the doors/handles to cupboards in the kitchen, doing all the washing - hanging it out. Have washed, and folded/put away all the baby clothes/sheets/quilts etc. *sigh* - I just cant seem be idle, almost like there is a sense of urgency to make sure everything is in place - I am only 33wks though - doesnt my body know there is time yet to come to do all those things, whats the rush? hehe


jenna32 - November 6

ugh,consider yourself blessed! It's the ones like you that make most of us jealous.my stretch marks started showing up around 27 weeks to ! I've had breathing trouble basically since like 4 weeks! Everybody's body reacts differently, so i am sure you are doing just fine whatsgoingon,not everybody is blessed with every pregnancy symptom in the book like me.


star_eyes - November 6

Tish, I would think we can only get bigger right?? If the baby is growing 1/2 lb per week after the 31st week (according to what I've read) then how could we not get bigger? Some days I feel bigger than others. I think it depends on how my lo is laying. Sorry to hear about your stretch marks. I suppose that is the price some of us have to pay in order for our dreams to come true. Even though I don't have any as of yet, I'd be more than happy to have them if it meant having a beautiful baby! :) Good luck to you!


whatisgoingon - November 6

Its funny how every women carries differently and has different symptoms and annoyances during pregnancy. I think each woman gets her fair share at some point, and some are unlucky enough to get every one in the book unfortunately. At the end of the day though, it doesnt matter how we all get there, so long as we are all blessed with the birth of our beautiful little miracles! I am really not concerned too much what my body has to do to me, so long as my lo is safe & sound & healthy! 7wks feel so far away, I just want to meet my baby boy LOL - Ah frustrating, how do us women do it?! The suspense is shocking, I have nothing left to do now but wait - everything is all organised, I finished work a couple weeks ago, I am just at home with nothing to do but clean, research & rest. That gets boring at the best of times though & my mind is just racing of thoughts relating to my lo in there and what he is up to - what the future has planned for us over the next few weeks... It's a bit daunting seeing all these women come & go on the third trimester board - sort of making it more "real" that we are all in line and just slowly progressing closer and closer to our time. :)


star_eyes - November 6

Well said WGO! I think I'd be going mad if I didn't have to go to work right now. My mind is constantly on the baby as it is so I can just imagine if I didn't have work to distract me!! My last day is 12/14, just a little over two weeks before my due date. I am anxious to be done with work but I think it's more because I know that soon after my baby girl will be here in my arms!!


tish212 - November 6

yeah I was pretty sure I'm gonna get bigger...but jeez lol ill need someone to help me walk lol....I waddle and lean far back as it is and it takes so long to get up from sitting..lol and getting out of bed...well I must say that's a feat in its own...lol....I'm not embarrased by my stretch marks...only cuz the only person who will ever see em is my dh (and the dr) and I know he loves em (b/c they r from his baby) I also think nonstop about the baby...how labor will go when it will come...how will my babies personality be...what s/he will be like when they r older and I've been out of work for a while...I wish I was still workin to keep me occupied during the day....and whatsgoingon..I too have been nesting (and I too hate cleaning) I was even scrubbing the walls with lysol and I polished all the tiles in my bathroom...lol stripped and waxed my kitchen floor...crazy things like that..lol and just yesterday I rearranged my living room....guess we go into everything must be perfect mode.... I'm glad ur appt went well that's great news!


AmberNicole - November 6

I'm 32 weeks 3 days, and this is my 2nd. Knock on wood, no stretch marks! I hate to say it, but I'm very small (weighed 97lbs before pregnancy) and with my ds, my belly grew the most the last few weeks, and I delivered at 36 weeks. I'm all belly with this little girl, and I can't imagine my belly getting too much bigger. She's been trying to come out for 3 weeks, now! Only 3 1/2 more weeks and she'll be safe to join us!:)


missy046 - November 6

I was starting to feel alone worrying wether or not my baby was getting big enough. I don't feel like I am growing but I guess we see ourselves every day. At my baby shower someone said do you think she is going to make it (meaning to my due date). So I guess that means I must look bigger than I think. At my appointment today they told me I am measuring 39 weeks and I am 36. The numbers have been getting bigger every week so that is re-a__surance to me even if they might be off.


star_eyes - November 7

I had my 32 week check up today and am happy to report that everything is measuring as it should even though every person seems to tell me that I'm small! The doc says I'm perfect! Music to my ears!!



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