34 1 2 Weeks With 7lb Baby

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Amber M. - August 9

I am 34 1\2 weeks along and my baby is already 7 lbs., and a week ahead in growth! The baby's head is really low in my pelvis already & I mean really low...to do the ultrasound she had to go down to my pubic bone area to see the head! (He's been down for quite some time now, but just got even lower.) Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar with their first, and if the baby came early or not...or if you had to be induced because of the size. Can they induce you once you are term if you have a big baby by choice? I really don't want a 9-10lb baby ya know?


Jbear - August 9

Just so you know, the weight they give you from the ultrasound is an estimate. The baby's actual weight can vary. I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks and they said my baby was 9.5lbs. She was born the next day...6lbs 4oz.


Amber M. - August 10

Thank God those things aren't accurate!!! I really don't want to push out a 9lb baby!


miranda - August 10

Even if you push out a 9 pound baby, chances are you'll be fine. It's how big the head is that matters the most for labor. But be careful about induction. Just because the baby seems big on ultrasound does not mean they are ready to be born. There have been cases where babies were brought out early because they looked big and they were actually born before their lungs were ready to breathe and had to go to the nicu. And one week ahead in growth is not that big of a deal. I have measured a week big since the beginning of the third trimester. That just means a week bigger than average, and we are all different.


sara - August 10

I had a 9.8 lb baby and my doctor knew he was going to be big..but didn't do the ultrasound until 39 weeks...needless to say, i had to have a cesarean because his stomach was measuring bigger than his head..I would definetley talk to your doctor about this situation and avoid a c-section..I am currently pregnant again, 32 weeks almost and he is already 3-4 weeks ahead Good luck


sara - August 10

I forgot to mention at my ultrasound 2 days before I had my baby the baby weighed 9 lbs and he weighed 9.8 at birth..mine was actually accurate.


Carolyn - August 10

I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my first and am expecting a big baby due to a family history. My mother was 9 lbs; my father 10 lbs; I was 10 lbs; my brother was nearly 11 lbs - all of us were delivered v____ally. My brother, the nearly 11 lb. baby, was two weeks overdue in July and has since been thin and never had an ounce of fat in his life. My mother is 5' with a 105-110 lbs. pre-pregnancy weight like me. When I told my mother that they might not let you deliver a 11 lb. baby v____ally today, she was stunned and asked why. I believed they induced my mother with my brother because he was two weeks late and such a big baby, but the doctors induced her with me because I was on time and only 10 lbs. (ha). The thought of delivering a 9-11 lbs. baby v____ally terrifies the pants off me too.


Tracie - August 10

I am also 34 1/2 weeks and my doctor is doing an ultrasound at 36 weeks to see how bid he is. She thinks from the size of my tummy that he is going to be big. She said that she will induce early if they think he is going to be bid because they want to avoid a c-section. You should talk with your doctor about inducing. I figure as long as I get past the 38 week mark (full term) than it is safe. Your doctor holds the answers!!!


Amber M. - August 10

It's weird, because people always say I look so small for 34 1\2 weeks...I don't know how.. I am 5'8, and now 191lbs, pre-weight was 158 - average for my height. Maybe the ultrasound isn't accurate, but I really want to avoid a c-section as much as possible! At 38 weeks maybe I'll talk to my doc...I know I've heard inducing can also be exemely painful, but doesn't the epidural take away the pain? I'm hoping he'll come early on his own since he is a week over norm. measurments. We'll see!!!! Thanks guys!


Jennifer - August 10

You know 9-10 lb baby isnt always that bad. It normally depends on the size of the head that makes it harder to deliver. My friend just had a 9 lb 2.9 oz baby natural, no drugs whatsoever. She was 114 lbs pre-preggo and 156 day of delivery. She got through it just fine and so can you.



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