34 Weeks And Dialated

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EricaG - July 5

Hi ladies :o) I turn 35 weeks today, but last thursday when I was 34 weeks 1 day, I had a little trip to the E.R. I started having a gallbladder attack around midnight, took a darvucet and dealt with the pain until 2 A.M. I thought it was as bad as it could get when all of a sudden I started having painful contractions on top of it. I was in so much pain that with each contraction I would almost pass out. My husband took me to the hospital and they sent me up to labor and delivery. The hooked me up to a couple of monitors, one to monitor baby's heartbeat and the other confirmed that I was having consistent contractions. The nurse said that because I was contracting she had to check to see if I was dialating. She checked and all she said was "your dialated one centimeter, from the looks of your contractions I was hoping for eight!" she didn't give me a station or effacement. She then gave me two shots, one of demerol and one of vistril (SP?) which is an anti-spasmatic. The demerol took away the pain and I fell asleep so I don't know when the contractions stopped. They woke me up about 2 hours later and said I could go home. she told me that she wasn't worried about the 1 cm because I could stay at that for a couple weeks. For the past week I've been having a lot of BH contractions, some a little uncomfortable but mostly painless. My questions are: Do you think I was dialated the 1 cm before I started having contractions during my gallbladder attack or do you think it was a result of the attack? Is it normal to be a little bit dialated this early? I know a lot of women dialate a little a few weeks before labor, but is 34 weeks a little early? And last of all, I plan on going camping 3 hours away from my home and doctor's office this weekend, am I safe to continue with these plans or should I stick around home for now on because of this little scare? Sorry it's long ladies! I'd appreciate your input :o)


me - July 5

My dr said that 1 cm dilated is normal for someone around our # of weeks. I am also 1 cm dilated, but have not been having braxton hicks like yourself. If you are that concerned, maybe you should not go to the trip you have been planning. I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. AS for the gallbladder attack, I think they are not related. IT could have been something you ate that triggered it or something unrelated to the pregnancy. Good luck with your decision.


EricaG - July 5

Thank you Me for answering the question about dialation being normal for 34 weeks. About the gallbladder attack, I know that they ARE related. Yes it was something I ate that triggered the attack, however it WAS the attack (spasming of the gallbladder) that triggered the contractions. (this is according to both my surgeon and my OB/Gyn.) For the sake of clarity I wasn't asking if the gallbladder attack and contractions were related because I know they are, but rather wether or not people thought the dialation occured because of the contractions during the attack, or wether I was dialated prior to the attack and subsequent contractions. Thank you again :o)


ashley - July 5

34 weeks is not that early. I think it was from all the contractions/gall bladder attack. I would not go 3 hours away with out asking your doctors opinion first.


eimear - July 10

I'm 4cm dilated from UTI but antibiotics sorted it out and I'm not changing lately.....well i a__sume!


Been There - July 10

As long as you stay closer to home at 36 weeks or after. Most insurance plans won't cover your delivery at another hospital outside of your home radius in your last month. Their theory is that you knew you could go into labor during that time and so you should be close to home. Your plan may span an even longer period of time, so be sure about that. The doctor doesn't know how every plan works off the top of his head, so you'll have to do your own homework just to be on the safe side.



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