34 Weeks And Still No Name Picked Out

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ashley - June 12

I swear DH is going to drive me nuts with some of the name he picks out. I don't know if he is serious or not about some of them. Desmond, Perciville, Tucker, Hamilton just to name a few... Addison is about the only normal name so far, lol. Tucker I can only imagine the names or teasing he'd get. Tucker the Trucker the F*()ER lol. I liked Zach, Taylor, Preston, Tanner but NOPE dh doesn't like any of those. I liked Sam too. He is h__lbent on having Desmond in the name some how. And he goes on about syllables. GRRRR why should he even have a say, I am the one who has carried him for nine months. So name ideas please!


SuzieQ - June 13

I hear you! Dh likes the names Otto and Serif !!?? I can't stand either of those names! We don't know if it's a boy or girl, but we have agreed on a girls name at least. But we can't seem to find an equal ground on a boy's name. I read that each of you should make a list of ten names and just keep crossing off what you don't like about each others list and remaking the list until you find one you can both agree on. We're going to try that soon.....good luck to ya :)


ashley - June 13

We've tried the list thing. i think it gets into a power struggle, I poopoo a name of his so he poopoos my entire list ,lol.


Chrissythefairy - June 13

Im with you, even though i have a first name i need a middle name for Ethan! I cant come up with one my fiance likes, he's sooooo picky about it


livdea - June 13

wait until you see your little man, I bet it will come to you. At least that's what I'm banking on...I'm just about 36 weeks and I still haven't decided on a name...gr. Good luck and maybe you should smack your hubby up against the head a time or two for a couple of those names...??!!! ;)


GraphxGirl - June 13

I have decided for a while now to go with the name Ashton Tyler. Babys father says he don't like the name and thinks he will be teased for it... the jerk hasn't even been around for me this entire time so I really could care less if he likes it or not lol !! The only name he came up with so far is Talon... yuck !!! He is like why don't we name him after a type of car !!! I said no freaking way am I naming my baby Talon!! I like the name Addison that your hubby picked out though, it's nice :)


Mingill - June 13

Well worse comes to worse, you could start working your way through a baby name book, page by page. I've always been a fan of simple names like Daniel, Michael or Jonathan. My aunt took the names of my cousins from a movie and a book (Cheyenne for her daughter and Kingsley for her son, he goes by King now), do you have any fav. books/movies that you both like? Looking at the names you have mentioned, what about something like Parker or Reid? Desmond could be the middle name if your DH absolutely must have it in there. You can always reserve the right to change your mind once you see the baby. Good luck, eventually you will find the perfect name that fits your baby just right.


ashley - June 13

ha ha livdea.... i agree I do need to smack him upside his head. He is set on having Desmond in the name because its his uncle's middle name. I can deal with that as a middle name, but he should then be a little more leaneant about letting me pick a first name!


ashley - June 13

Graphxgirl, I like the name ashton too :-) I always thought I'd name my boy Laythe Ashton but hubby poopoo'd that too. I like Asher but he thinks I am being vain. My daughters name is Alexandra "alex" and I wanted to do another A name... Addison Desmond? not so sure about that. They would call him Addie and that sounds like a girls name doesn't it?


mommie2be - June 13

Ashley- you're lucky- my DH seriously considered "Vader" for a boy or Vada for a girl... and that was the war to end all wars in our household. Just remember, even if you do settle on a name- you may look at your little one on the big day and see a different name.


Mingill - June 13

It's only fair, if he gets the middle name, you get to pick the first name.


mcatherine - June 13

Not to jump in on your thread,Ashley, but I know three Addisons and a couple planning to name their baby that- and they're all girls. I know it's a unis_x name, but I just thought you'd like to know it's leaning more towards feminine in nature these days. I like uncommon names that don't border on strange (Perciville, really?). My son's name is Hayes and his little brother to be will be named Hudson. Other top favs were Sebastian, Miller, Christian, Jones, Landon, Alec and Sawyer. Good luck to you!


ashley - June 13

I like Hudson :-)


ashley - June 13

PS my cousin named his son Landon. So got one of those in the family along with Chase, Jack, Steven, Mathew, ethan and Tyler. Sheeesh


ashley - June 13

what about Case? lol My husbands loader is a Case loader or Casen lol


lilbeanNov7th - June 13

Hey ladies! Fortunately both my husband and I have agreed on a boys name, Gibson James, but no luck with a girls name. I told him that we need to go to the hospital with two or three girls names and see which one fits her personality (if it's a girl). Good luck finding the perfect name. We just keep thinking about how it's going to be their name for the rest of their life!!! It's definitely stressful so I know where all of you are coming from.


Atarahsmommy - June 13

Chrissythefairy- how about James, I just skimmed over the postes and I saw yours and James just popped into my head, I think it sounds good together



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