34 Weeks Not Dilated Effaced At ALL

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Lynn - October 21

I just had my first exam & nothing is happening inside! How far along were you when you started to dialate and/or effaced? The ultrasound tech and doc both seem to think this baby will come early & we know it will be big (5# 10 ozs as of yesterday).


Jen - October 21

Hi Lynn! I don't have an answer for you, but I go to the doctor today to be checked, so I'll let you know what happens this afternoon. I will be 34/36 weeks on Sunday (I have had 2 due dates) and my doctor also expects my baby to come early. He weighed 4lbs 8oz 2 weeks ago, so we will see! Although it is a little early to want any major changes, I would feel better if I knew that my body was gradually moving in the right dirrection! Have you dropped yet? I have been told my everyone around me that I have dropped, but I don't feel much diferent, so I will ask the doctor that, too.


lana - October 21

Hi Lynn! I had my doc's appt this past Monday (35 weeks) & I've thinned out 40%, but no dilation and the cervix is still "high". The doc was surprised that I had even thinned out any, so I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. I have another appt Monday 10/24, so I'll let you know if any changes.


mariah - October 21

Yeah I'm 4 days over due and not dialated at all. I am thined out and my cervix is low but I don't think it matters untill your in labour.


What's the rush - October 21

34 weeks and you want to be dilated and effaced????? U/S estimates of weight are not accurate anyway, so just hang in there, your baby won't be fully developed for another 3 weeks at least!


Jen - October 21

Well, I just came from the doctor and nothing has changed internally. She also said that I have not dropped, but that the baby is low- whatever that means! LOL- then I walked out of the office and into the restroom and this random lady looked at me and said, "Oh my! Your baby has dropped!" I just laughed and told her no- the doctor knows best I guess! I will be going once a week from now on, and she said no s_x- anyone else been advised to abstain? I'm not really sure why she said this, but at this point I am not going to argue- it seems to be more trouble that it's worth : (


Carol - October 21

I went to my doctor on Thursday and haven't dilated and the baby is still high. I'm 37 wks 4 dys.


To: whats the rush - October 21

The baby is actually fully formed at 34 weeks. All the baby will be doing from here on out is fattening up! good luck, i am 34 weeks also


me again - October 21

oops- fully developed I meant!


lisa - October 21

the baby is not fully formed at 34 weeks and ust fattening up, it still needs surficant for the lungs, fully developed is between 37 and 38 weeks , why would you think you aught to be dilated at 34 weeks? youve got 6 weeks to go, those ultrasound weight estimates are notoriously wrong and i think your getting your hopes up like many for an early labour and will be dissapointed if it desnt happen


A - October 22

Babies are not ready before 37 weeks, sometimes not even at 37!


Ready-to-Pop - October 22

I'll add my two cents worth here. 34 weeks is considered preterm; however, the chances of baby not being developed is pretty slim. I started to go through preterm labor at 25 weeks, and my prenatal specialist told me that it would be safe to deliver at 34 weeks. I was told at that point lungs and stomach organs would have properly developed and there would be little if any time in the neonatal care, depending on his weight. Full-term is considered to be 37 weeks.I had my last child at 37 weeks. He was more than 7 pounds. that being said, Lynn, your baby will be its healthiest at 37 weeks. If the baby is born too small, they generally keep him for a short period until he gains some weight.


Lynn - October 22

I'm not guessing the weight based on the ultrasound, although my doctor is notorious for being within 8 ounces of weight guesstimates - he's the head of the ob/gyn department at the county hospital. But husband is 6ft 6 inches and 350 lbs. Husband & I were both VERY large babies. Also, during the u/s, you could see a lot of vernix in the amniotic fluid. Vernix is produced to help protect the baby & as the lungs become closer to fully developed, more and more vernix is produced. And as more and more surficant is produced by the lungs when they become mature, this is what signals your body that baby is ready to come out now. And its NOT unusual to be thinned or dilated at 34 weeks. Many women have already started. Most doctors don't start checking until 36 weeks if even that early. As I have high blood pressure & gestational diabetes, it would be best for the baby to stay until at least 38 weeks. But it would also be nice to know that my body is beginning to prepare also. Women can walk around dilated & effaced for many many weeks without going into labor - it has nothing to do with an early delivery & me being "disappointed" if I it doesn't happen, in all actuality, my due date is 11/29 and I'd just as well deliver sometime in December because I don't particularly care for November's birthstone ( sorry to everyone born in November- just a personal preference). And it would be nice to be off during the holidays. As I said before though, it would be nice to know my body is heading in the right direction especially with the high blood pressure, if I have to be induced, there will be more likelihood of a positive outcome if my body is already preparing. If I have to be induced and my body isn't ready at all, then the greater the chances of having to have a c-section. Some of you really shouldn't be so judgemental, I just wanted to know from others (as the question stated) how far along was everyone else when their bodies started preparing for birth?


JC - October 22

GO LYNN!!!! :) Way to clarify yourself. I kind of noticed some of the negativity in the replies you got. I felt bad! I've been 50% effaced since week 25 and now I'm 31 weeks. The dr. keeps telling me to try to make it to 34 weeks (which he doesn't think I will). He said he would NOT stop labor at 34 weeks or later because once we hit 34 weeks, in most cases, if the baby was born he wouldn't be born with any life threatening problems and there wouldn't be anything that would effect him for the rest of his life. So, I get really excited for 34 weeks and people think I'm just wanting to have the baby at 34 weeks so they are always on my case! AAAAHH!! People don't understand. But good luck to you!


Lynn - October 22

Thanks JC. Good luck to you too!


LR - October 22

I am almost 34 weeks. I don't have a clue if I have progressed any yet. My doctor won't start checking me until I am 38 weeks. He did however say that once I am 34 weeks, they will not stop labor. He said it is considered preterm but since I am having a girl, not to worry. Apparently girls' lungs develope faster than boys. I didn't know that. I personally would love for her to come early, but if it's meant for her to stay and plump up a little more than so be it. I do wish I knew if anything was happening so far. Then again, I would probably drive myself bonkers if i did know.


Karen - October 22

I am 39 weeks, 1 cm dialted and 0% effaced. They have estimated my baby to be close to 9 pounds now but there are no signs of any labor and the baby is still high. I was hoping for more but I know that I could still have this baby any day, despite not being dialated today. 34 weeks is still very early so hang in there. If the baby were born today, they'd most likely be fine but might be spending some time in the NICU for lung development. I am hoping for an October baby vs. November but I know that my little one will not come until they are ready.



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