34 Weeks Pregnant And The Baby Has Dropped

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NewMommy53 - July 6

ok i have a few questions actually . 1.how long do i have before labor if the baby has dropped i know some women can take a long time but my baby dropped about a week ago whats the average? 2.is there an average time after the baby drops that the mucus plug comes out ? 3. my baby is head down in the birthing postion now and has dropped can she still flip into breech ?


mjvdec01 - July 6

When the baby drops really has nothing to do with when labor will start. Some women don't drop at all until after labor has started. I am 37 weeks 3 days and our little guy dropped at about 30 weeks. This is our second child. As far as an average time after dropping for your mucous plug to come out, I don't know. You do have to be dialted a little for it to come out though, but it can also regenerate. So you could theoretically lose bits of it for weeks, or all of it at once. At my 36 week check this time I was at 0 and 0% and my plug was there. Last thursday, at 37 weeks I was 2cm very, very soft and my plug was gone. mynext check at 38 weeks is scheduled for thursday. I am hoping for atlesat 3cm and 50% effacement. We will see I guess. My baby is head down as well. Chances are, if your baby is head down at this point they will remain that way. There is not a lot of room in there for them to move too much, so I wouldn't worry about that. If you really want to help your body along, I would go buy an exercise ball to sit on. I found mine at Fred Meyer for $16.99 and it came with a pump, and an ab workout for later. You can bounce on the ball, roll around and rock from side to side. All of this will help you to help the baby drop lower and engage in the pelvis. I have been using mine since 36 weeks. Also, the pressure of the baby's head down low on your cervix will help it to dilate and efface. I didn't inflate mine all the way because it was too hard, so find a comfy level for yourself. You don't want it to be so hard that your b___t and crotch hurt. Walking can also work wonders. Does this help??


saramcg - July 6

NEWMOMMY---dropping and labor unfortunately do not coincide for everyone...at 34 weeks, you should probably just be looking out for contractions being too close together...you don;t want baby coming too early...after 36 weeks, then you can try to use that baby dropping to your advantage!!! good luck!!! have you been checked yet by the docs to see if you have dialated/effaced at all???....I myself had my baby engaged at 33 weeks (that I know of anyways) and I will be 36 weeks on wednesday. I am 2.5 cm and 90% effaced (as of last thursday and still have not lost my mucus plug (again that I know of!!) so I can;t help ya with that one... just hang in there! ........................mjvdec01, does bouncing on the ball help to give you contractions at all? like I said before, I am not going to do anything but rest until after 36 weeks, but after that, I think it might be fair game!!! let me know!


mjvdec01 - July 6

sara, I started on the ball at 36 weeks and a lot has happened since then. I mostly rock from side to side and do a circular motion. Bouncing is an option, but for me, my little guy is so low that it isn't the most comfortable. Once I started on the ball I lost my plug, got very, very soft and he is now extremely low. His bottom is only about an inch above my belly b___ton. I have had some contractions as well. Walking is also really good. You have to go at a brisk pace to take full advantage though. If I were you I would get a ball. I love mine.


mjvdec01 - July 6

Oh, and I am atleast 2cm.


[email protected] - September 7

I am 34 weeks pregnant & baby has dropped. Does this mean I will go to labour soon



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