35 Week Blues

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Cher - May 18

I am pregnant with my third child and having a really hard time keeping up with them. I am finding myself losing my temper.... It took me two hours to get through the grocery store because of the discomfort. Being this is my third, my pelvis starting to relax around 22 weeks and sometimes the pain is unbearable. Yesterday I fell really hard, but my baby kicks seem to be on track. I try to get things done around the house, but five minutes after I start I have to sit down and rest. I don't sleep very well because of the cramping I feel all of the time. They are not rythmic so I don't go to the hospital. I am a very active person and I am really starting to feel discouraged. Is anyone else going through this or has gone through this?


melsmama - May 18

I am so going through that. I am miserable and 36 weeks pregnant. I want to do the dishes, right now, but I make to the kitchen and sit at the table and stare at them. I refuse to go to the grocery store without my husband, because someone has to watch the cart and my 18 month old when I have to go sit down. I contract 24-7 and the back pain, hip pain, knee pain, uh all joint pain combined with lack of sleep have made me, shall we say....um..mean. I have the temper of my daughter and really just want to scream at people, controlling my temper is hard. I just want to be able to play with my daughter, clean the house, cuddle with my husband, and be as active as I was before this pregnancy. We are so close to the end, you and I, yet the distance seems to increase. Maybe, it's horomones and next week will be better :) here's hoping


Nora1 - May 18

I also am beginning my 35th week. It is very uncomfortable for me to walk now because of all the pressure and shooting pains down low. So, I haven't been exercising because it hurts too much. This is my first however, so I don't have to take care of other little ones right now, which helps. I am not sleeping very well because it's so hard to get comfortable and because I feel like I am trying to roll over with a bowling ball in my belly! And I've been having some new shooting pains in my sides lately also!? I feel what you are going through completely and it is discouraging and a bit depressing at times. It doesn't help feeling so emotional either. But we'll be through this part soon. Good luck to you!


mom.2.5 - May 18

Well I have been feeling the EXACT same way for a few weeks now and I don't think its ever going to end. I have 4 kids to deal with...sometimes they're alot of help and sometimes I just want to call and cuss my dr and tell him its time to get this kid out before I go psyco.



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