35 Weeks And Already 1 Cm Dialated

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Vanessa - September 22

Since this is my first pregnancy I would like to know, how long can I be 1 cm and Is this common in first pregnancies?


Lisa - November 28

yes it is possible i have a sister that stayed 2 cm for 2 to 3 weeks before having him


mommy1 - November 28

With my first at 36 weeks pregnant I was dialated to 2 cm. I did not have her until 40 weeks. With This Pregnancy my doctor checked me last week wich would have been week 35 I am dilated to 3 cm. and the baby is at a zero station. My first labor was only six hours because for a whole month I had been Dilating slowly. This also caused alot of discomfort. for the last month of pregnancy


chrissy - November 29

i am 35 weeks to and 1 cm and bad back pain


Siohban - December 15

I just had my GBS done today and the doctor told me I was 1 cm but that the cervix looked good. I am not too sure what to think of that because when he told me I was it freaked me out, like "no she cant come yet!" But I think I will be fine just need to rest more.


new mommy - September 19

i am 36 weeks and 5 days and only 1 cm dialated but 50-75% thinned out, i lost the mucus plug yesterday, how long can it be?


Heidi - September 19

At least they checked you! At my 35 wk appt they didn't do a pelvic exam and said to come back in two weeks!!!!


Vanessa - September 19

I was in 1cm for almost 4 weeks. When my water broke I was 2.5 cm


Vanessa - September 19

And yes this is common. Good Luck with your delivery!!!


chel - September 19

I am 35 weeks and have an appointment on Thursday. I can't wait. I am going to as him to check and see if anything is going on. This is my third child. I am having lots of braxton hicks, my back is starting to have a lot of pain and also I'm having a whole lot of pelvic pain for the last few days. I would like for her to cook a few more weeks, but I'm getting so worn out. I didn't feel like this with my other 2 kids. Anyone else ready to get this over with?



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