35 Weeks And Baby Has Not Turned

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forevermissed - July 13

I am getting close to the end and my baby still hasn't turned. I am getting kind of nervous. I am very pet_te, but look huge. I don't feel him move as much anymore. But, I do feel kicking down in my crotch and buttocks area. I know that he isn't turned right. I have tried different things to get him to move, but he doesn't want to budge. I just think that he doesn't have any room. I go in for a sono on the 21st and then we will talk about my options as far as delivery goes. This is my second child. I didn't have problems with the first. But, my husband this time around is much taller and bigger than my ex. So, maybe the baby is bigger this time around? Has anyone ever had their baby turned? Not sure if I should opt for that or a c-sec. Hopefully he will turn.


mjvdec01 - July 13

I am 38 weeks 3 days, but my baby is in the head down position. I have a friend who's baby was breach, her OB tried to rotate the baby externally and it was not successful. She had also said that it wasn't the most comfortable thing she had experienced. However, she didn't get an epidural for hers. I really hope your little one turns for you at the last minute, it does happen. I think that if it were me, I would probably opt for the c-section. You need to talk to your OB at length about the pros and cons of each option and then decide with your hubby what is best for you and your situation. Do they have an idea of your baby's size at this point?


Krissy25 - July 13

My baby was breech, it was discovered at 37 weeks, although i know she had been in that position for at least 10 weeks, so i'm not sure how it was missed, we all thought we were feeling her b___t by my ribs, turned out to be her head. Anyway by the time i had my u/s to determine position she was estmated at 8 lbs! My doctor talked to me about my options, basically try and turn her or c-section. Given her size the doctor was not very optimistic that it would work, and also said they were pretty painful, so i chose a c-section. I ended up having her just a few days later b/c my water broke. Turns out the cord was around her neck which is what probably prevented her from turning, so i'm glad i chose the c-section. Anyway my dr didn't even give me the option to try to deliver her v____ally, i think there is a lot of risk involved, plus i was told that it takes longer to progress b/c the head isn't pushing down on the cervix. You should talk to your dr next visit and see what he recomends, if your lucky your baby may have even turned by then, there is still time but don't fret too much if it doesnt happen, c-sections are not the end of the world, mine went very well actually. The most important thing is bringing your baby into this world as saftly as possible. good luck


Saird - July 13

The baby may be too big to turn at this point, that much is true, but if not, it sounds silly, but someone said if you do handstands in a pool it might help. Also the all fours position with your b___t in the air basically. If you do need a scheduled c-section, they are not that bad. Good luck.


forevermissed - July 14

Thanks, I am hoping that he turns too. I have heard that turning the baby externally is very painful. I guess we will see what happens. I am a high risk patient already so they may just tell me that my best option is the c-sec. Thanks.....


ELLMOM - July 14

Here's a little story to share! I have a co-worker who was pregnant and the baby was head down all the way until the day she started to push him out and he literally turned his body at the last minute and was delivered b___t first and he came out perfectly fine! Some babies are just a little stubborn!! LOL!!!


anamariaflorencia - July 16

Do you really think 35 weeks is late for a baby to turn? I'm 35 and a half and mine hasn't turned yet or at least she hasn't dropped. Is that basically the same thing? I've read they turn/drop 2 to 4 weeks before delivery if it's your first. What do other people think?


schreck - July 16

No dropping and turning are not the same thing. A baby usually turns to the head down position between weeks 32 and 36.


samantha_2629 - July 16

I had an ultrasound around 35 weeks and my baby was head down already, but the baby can turn basically at any time. I guess all you can do is hope and wait! Hopefully your little one turns on its own!


ejmeskan - July 17

How do you know when the baby is head down? Does the doctor check? I know my babe isn't head down yet from the kicks but I can't remember what happens. I just had my son a year ago and already forgot all of this! Good luck on the babe turning! :)


schreck - July 17

The doctor checks by feeling on the outside. If you can figure out which part is which you can check yourself.


Krissy25 - July 17

I just want to say feeling from the outside, or even internally, can still be difficult to tell which position the baby is in. We were convinced, even the doctor too, that my baby was head down and this hard lump i was feeling by my ribs was a b___t. Even when the doctor used the dopplar she said she was pretty sure the baby was head down, but when she asked me about kicks i said i was feeling them low. SO she wanted to get and u/s jsut to make sure. I figured the baby was folded is such a way that her feet were by her head, so imaginge everyones surprise when we learned that hard thing was her head and not her b___t. You might think "how could everyone not know?" but i swear we didn't. The funny thing was at 25 weeks i had an u/s b/c the tech didn't get a shot the dr wanted a few weeks prior. And she was head down, but when i went to my appointment just 15 min later, the doctor said it looked like the baby was sideways but it must just be the way she looked b/c the u/s just confirmed she was head down. Like maybe a week later i could feel that bump by my ribs so she was breech from about 26 weeks on and we had no clue.


Krissy25 - July 17

Oh to clarify, she thought by where the doplar was picking up the heart beat she was head down, and also at 30 weeks i was having bh contractions every 2 min. and was told by my dr to go to the hospital, they had monitors on me and everything and even they didn't catch it.


forevermissed - July 21

Well, I had my sono today and our baby is footling breech. They did not give me an option to try to turn him. I am scheduled for a c-sec. in two weeks. They will check right before the surgery to see if he has turned and if he hasn't then they will do the c-sec. I hope I don't go into labor before then.


anamariaflorencia - July 21

Forever...I'm so sorry baby didn't turn on its own and you have to have a c-section. I'm surprised your dr. even mentioned it at 35 weeks. I am 36 weeks now and dr. hasn't checked or asked about her position. My baby turns all the time still. Sometimes her hiccups are up high, sometimes down low, sometimes to the left or to the right. I still feel like she's got plenty of room to move around and she often does. I guess everyone is different. Are you measuring ahead? I always measure about half a week ahead. I sure hope she is head down and stays that way. Keep us updated if by chance she happens to turn on her own. Have you tried handstands in a pool? I read that somewhere.


forevermissed - July 21

I am a little over 36 weeks right now. I really don't feel the baby move all over the place anymore. I feel a lot of kicking down below. The doctor thinks that the baby may not have the room at this point to move around due to my size. Or he may be caught in the cord and can't get disentangled. But, he looked great on the sono and his heartbeat was good. So, that was good. I am worried though.



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