35 Weeks And In Pain

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Ashley - May 11

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have gone into pre term labor twice now and they have had to stop it both times.My OBGYN wants me to at least make it to 36 weeks before i have the baby but i dontknow if i can wait that long. I went in 3 times and im still 2 CM . Im in alot of pain and im tired of honestly getting stopped everytime i start contractions. I was just wondering how long u can stay at 2 CM if ur contracting and stuff


Amber - May 11

I have a similar problem. On Friday I went into false labor.. then again on Sunday (mothers day) I went into pre-term. I am 35 weeks and dilated 2 CM as well.. My doctor said this was not uncommon and I can remain 2 Cm for two or three weeks. He did however suggest that to reduce or even stop contractions that I take 1 hour naps during the day (laying on your left side.. to promote blood flow) sit with your feet propped up and drink plenty of clear liquids. water is best.. were you given an I.V? Hydration is very important during pregnancy. Talk to whoever is helping you through your pregnancy.. let them know that it is crutial for the safety of you and your baby that you take it easy now.. Try to stay relaxed as stress can trigger contractions and turn into labor. Your baby can make it at 36 weeks.. but you really want to wait until 38 weeks so that everything in your babys body is fully formed. Good Luck. I hope every thing turns out ok for you.


Ashley - May 11

Yea i had an IV and a shot ..Brethine or something like that. Im in so much pain but i think my doc knows by now that everything is pain to me lol.. i am so tired of getting stopped even tho the baby would do better at 38 weeks or 36 but i seriously think he wants to come out! i drink plenty of water and ive tried to take warn showers to ease the pain but nothing helps anymore. I can feel twitching and pulling inside me and i know its my uterus i just wish i knew what was happening ya know? If im dialated anymore or if this is more contractions. ( i could barely feel the first round but apparently they were heavy)


Unknown - May 12

I went into preterm labour at 34 weeks and they had to stop labour too. I was 2 cm dilated as well at the time. I'm now 41 weeks and still pregnant. I've been 2 cm dilated for the last 7 weeks and no change. On Sunday, i'll be induced if I don't labour naturally. So, you can stay at 2cm for a long time; howver, if ur contracting then that'll change and you'll dilate quicker. Good for you, you don't want to go to 41 weeks....it SUCKS!!!! You are one of the lucky ones...good luck!



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