35 Weeks And My Baby Is Still Breech

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Mariefe - October 7

At 32 weeks my baby is breech with head up near my right rib. The doctor said not to worry as the baby will still have time to reposition itself to head down. At 35 weeks appointment, we found out that the baby hasnt moved at all and seems so comfy in its position! Now the doctor adviced me to go for c-section specially this is our 1st baby.. I really want to do it naturally but if there is danger for me and the baby, i wouldnt mind to go for c-section although i dont want to be cut! Now my dh and myself planned to wait for at least 2 weeks if the baby will still head down otherwise I will be scheduled for c-section earlier b4 my nov 10th due date. If we scheduled c-section i would want it at minimum 38 weeks, meaning on the 27th Oct or the 3rd of Nov to make sure the baby is fully matured. Now, when we talked about c-section.. my doctor ask ed me to choose if i would like to be put to sleep or stay awake during operation?.. Im worried and i dont want to be put to sleep as i will surely miss the delivery and may not wake up.. Anyone here was awake during their c-sec operation? was it better to be awake or sleeping during operation?? Your answers are highly appreciated.. thanks..


cheekyclaudes - October 7

Hi Marie, I am due Nov 11th with my second baby. My first was also breech from 32 wks and never turned. My OB also advised me to have a c-section, which I hated, but had no alternative as delivering a breech baby is very dangerous, especially if it is your first. My c-section was scheduled only 5 days before my due date and I had a spinal block and was awake for the procedure. I can tell you that it was the best decision I made, because it allowed me to still be a part of my baby's birth even thought I was totally incapacitated. I would recommend that you be awake, the birth of your first child is not something you want to miss. Good luck.


Tory1980 - October 8

Breech babies can be delivered v____ally but it depends on the doctor and how well they can cope with that type of delivery. It takes a bit more skill to help a breech babie out than one that is ceph. There has also been doc_mented evidence of breech and transverse babies actually turning during labour. Personally if I was to have a c-section I would rather be awake. Not only would I see my baby straight away and hear him/her cry the risks are lower to both baby and myself. A general anaesthetic holds a higher risk for the baby with breathing problems afterwards etc than a spinal/epidural does. Being awake also means (usually) your husband can be with you but if you are put to sleep he will have to wait outside somewhere. It is your decision though as to what suits you best and what you are most comfortable with.


melissap - October 8

Hi I found out at around 27-28 weeks that my lo was breech. This is my 3rd so that is probably why. I went in at around 35 weeks for a consult for a version as I do not want a csection. My baby had turned down somewhat but was not engaged. The OB said it would probably turn again as I have lots of fluid and room. Of course by lunch time that day it was transverse again. I think maybe in the last day or two it has moved..not sure. They are going to either try and turn if for sure it is breech or allow me to go into labour, do an u/s check the postion and wait and see which I am ok with at least maybe it will turn on its own. Maybe that may be an option as I have talked to a few people that had breech babies that turned at the last minute. As long as you know you could have a c-section. Good luck and I hope your baby turns!


poohcma102 - October 8

Hi Marie, my first was breech because she couldn't turn around due to a uterine wall. At 37 weeks they tried an inversion to try and turn her which didn't work so came a c section. They used an epidural on me which allowed me to be awake. My crazy tail kinda freaked out and tried to get up off the table and they shot me full of valuim. All in all everything turned out great with me being awake which is better because you acturally get to see your lo when they first come out. Also I wouldn't recommend trying a inversion it hurt like heck. Good luck


Mariefe - October 8

Thank you ladies for your time answering on my posted questions. My dr also didnt want to recommend inversion as what you said Poochma. She said it could turn but it may go back to its original position again so its a bit tricky. We will see in 2 weeks time again to decide if i have to undergo c-section. And yes ladies, i will choose to be awake on my delivery date as i dont want to miss the birth of our baby. Im just a bit worried as this is my first. I dont know how it feels being operated but at the same time i am so excited too that sooner we will see this little one who keeps bothering inside me for the fast 8 months. I cant wait to see and have it in my arms.


amyh - October 9

My first was breech. I scheduled a c-section for 38 weeks, with the agreement to check the baby before the surgery. if it was the right way, C-section was cancelled and if it was still breech---c-section was on. my friend's baby turned last minute and she didn't have to have her operation. mine, however, stayed breech. The c-section went along perfectly. I was awake and it's something that I wouldnt' change. if you are put completely out, then you will miss alot more than just a half horu to an hour of your baby (my guess). I am now 37 weeks along with my number 2 and am going to have a natural birth! So, don't give up- you might be able to have it with the second one if it doesnt' work with the first. My husband and I decided we do what is best for the baby and the first C-section was definitely a better choice.... Good luck!



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