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VERONICA - July 20



Christina - July 20

Was the first day of your last period around November 17th or so? The first day of my last period was November 18th and I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. I am due on August 25th or 26th. When did you have your first ultrasound? Did they give you an estimated due date from your ultrasound? Do you know when you might have conceived? I think I conceived around december 1st or 2nd and according to when my fertile days "should" have been then that is about right.


CONFUSED - July 20

I think the last period was the 17 or 24 so it takes about a week to conceive


Christina - July 20

well they go by the date of your last period because most women don't know the date you actually conceived so you actually don't become pregnant until about 2 weeks after your period. but, everyone is different.


Crystal - July 20

Confused- My due date is Aug. 22 and my LMP started on Nov. 15. My husband and I had s_x on the 25 (Thanksgiving) and the 27, so the actually conception date is calcuated as being Nov. 29, which is two weeks from my LMP. Yet, the actually conception could have been anywhere from Nov. 25 to the 29, depending how long my husband's sperm took to get to my egg and when I actually ovulated. If your due date is Aug 24, then your LMP is most likely Nov. 17 and you probably conceived around Thanksgiving also.


Nick - July 20

My due date is August 25th. They go by your last period (November 18), but I conceived on December 4th. My cycle was 30-31 days. If you had a shorter cycle, than you probably conceived on an earlier date.


Christina - July 20

Hey Nick, do you Know for sure that you conceived on Dec 4th because my LMP was nov 18th and I normally have a 30 day cycle so was trying to figure out about the day I conceived...


Nick - July 20

Christina-I am almost 100% sure. We also had s_x on the 6th, so it's possible that we could have conceived on that day instead, but I was doing my temp chart and 4th was when I had a spike in my temp.


Beth - July 20

My LMP was Nov. 28 and I am due Aug. 31. I think I conceived Dec. 11 or 12.


Christina - July 20

Nick, thanks for replying! I was pretty sure I conceived anywhere from december 1-4th, but we also had s_x on december 12th, but didn't think the 12th was very likely.


Jess - July 20

Beth- I am due on Aug 31 and I conceived on Dec 5 so how are you due they sametime I am when I conceived before you?


Jbear - July 21

Cristina, I'm due Sept 5, and I conceived on Dec 12, if that helps you figure yours out. Beth, my LMP was Nov 28 too, but I'm due a week after you.


Christina - July 21

Jbear, yes it does help, thank you. I just wonder because some people say they get pregnant at crazy times so I was just wondering if I could have conceived later or earlier or what. All my measurments (fundal height) measure a little ahead of my pregnancy week each time and my ultrasound put me as due august 17th although they kept my due date of august 26th because I was sure of my last period (nov 18) so it does seem as though I did conceive at the very beginning of december rather than the 12th which was the only other time we had s_x that month besides the beginning. So basically I was just curious because sometimes you here people say they conceived at weird times in their cycle. Are your measurments pretty consistent with your due date and stuff Jbear?


Jbear - July 22

I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks and it said the baby was measuring about a week ahead. I'm sure of when I conceived, because my husband and I have such different schedules that we only had s_x one day out of the month.


tammara Archibald - January 18

hello, My name is tammara and i am 25weeks preganant but idont know when or what date i conceived



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